High School Students

Southeastern offers many opportunities for you to earn college credit while you're still in high school. Here you can learn about our high school programs, admissions criteria and required materials. When you're ready, start the admissions process by choosing the appropriate link below.


Admissions Materials and Criteria

Early Admission Program

Grade Level

Must complete 6 semesters of high school


3.0 or higher


Composite score of 25 or higher


Written letter of recommendation by principal is required

Gifted-Talented Youth Program


Must present evidence of high intellectual or creative abilities
& the maturity to achieve in an adult competitive setting

Test Scores

Standardized testing scores in 95th percentile or higher or
ACT composite score of 22 or higher


Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher


Letter of recommendations & approval of the school counselor, parents/ legal guardian, department head, and instructor of specific area of desired courses

Southeastern Scholars Program


ACT composite score of 24 or higher


Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

Scholar Application

Complete this application and have it signed by high school principal


Early Admission Program

High school students who have completed six semesters of high school and meet the above criteria will qualify for the Early Admissions Program. Upon earning 24 semester hours of college credit, you may be granted a high school diploma by the appropriate Board of Education.

Students applying for the Early Admissions program must submit both the online application and the Early Admissions application. Applicants will also need to submit Southeastern's Immunization Compliance form (PDF).

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Gifted and Talented Youth Information

Granting of high school credit for university work is based on the applicant having met parish and state criteria for gifted-talented students and the parish regulations governing the same.

All fees regularly charged to part-time students will also apply to the Gifted-Talented Program. Students may enroll for a maximum of two courses per semester. Federal (Title IV) Financial Aid is not available for students participating in this program.

Transcripts will be maintained in the Office of Admissions and will note the nature of the program and the admission status (Gifted-Talented Program). College credit will be reserved until graduation from high school or until early admission as provided for by action of the University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors. High school students who do not successfully complete a course may not be permitted to re-enroll until graduation from high school.

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Southeastern Scholars Program

High school students applying for the Southeastern Scholars Program may apply during the summer semesters and throughout the school year while still attending high school.

Scholarships are also available for part-time enrollment for qualified students who participate in this early admissions opportunity. The guaranteed scholarship package is awarded only during the fall and spring semesters, however, additional scholarship funding is available to assist you during the summer after graduation.

Highly industrious students may be able to complete their bachelor's degree within three years after graduation from high school and apply their fourth year of TOPS towards the pursuit of a master's degree.

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Advanced Placement Credits

Southeastern participates with the College Board Advanced Placement Program. Listed below are the tests, minimum grade and course equivalents.

American History (3 credits)

History 201, 202

History of Art (3 credits)

Art 105 or 106

Chemistry (3 credits)

Chemistry 101-102 or 121-122

Economics (4 credits)

Economics 201 and 202

Language and Composition 

(3 credits)

English 101 and 102

English 231-232

European History (3 credits)

History 101 and 102

French (3 credits)

French 101 and 102

German (3 credits)

German 101 and 102

Spanish (3 credits)

Spanish 101 and 102

Calculus AB (4 credits)

Mathematics 200 and 201

Calculus BC (4 credits)

Mathematics 200 and 201

Calculus AB Subgrade (4 credits)

Mathematics 200

Statistics (3 credits)

Mathematics 241

Music Theory (3 credits)

Music 111

Physics B (3 credits)

Physics 130 and 191-193

Mechanics (3 credits)

Physics 130 and 221-223

Electricity and Magnetism (3 credits)

Physics 130 & 221-223 & 222-224

Mechanics and E&M (3 credits)

Physics 130 & 221-223 & 222-224

Political Science (3 credits)

Political Science Elective- 200 level

Psychology (3 credits)

Psychology 101

Check the current University Catalogue for additional ways to earn college credit. More information may be obtained by calling the Office of Testing at 1-800-222-7358 or 985-549-3897.