Remote Learning Information

March 17, 2020

Gabe WillisGood Morning Lions!

I know you all have remained on the edge of your seats in anticipation of more information regarding how the University will proceed for the rest of the semester. As you know, this is a fast-moving outbreak that has led to many uncertainties and more questions. Trust me, you have a dedicated president, administrative team and campus leaders who are working around the clock to answer questions in hopes of reducing those uncertainties. A great deal of timely information has already been delivered, but we encourage you to visit for the most recent updates.

We've received a number of really good questions over the course of the last week - I’ll try to answer a few of the most pressing one’s within this email.


Remote/Online Learning - What’s that? 

Let’s discuss our new reality. We’re transitioning to remote/online learning. This is new for a lot of people,including some of your faculty members, so please be patient with them and yourselves.  Each instructor has been working diligently to transition those face-to-face courses to the online setting. To better prepare you, we’ve provided a number of essential tips, strategies, and resources. You are strongly encouraged to review them now to be better informed. We will go live with courses available in Moodle on Wednesday, March 18th. Get ready!


What about my labs, field experience, clinicals, and internships? 

As stated, this particular situation is fast-moving and fluid. You are encouraged to reach out directly to your instructor and/or academic department for these types of concerns. We ask that you be patient with them as they are diligently seeking answers and direction from appropriate personnel. It is likely that you may hear “we don’t know” at the moment.  Your flexibility as we work to give you adequate and consistent information is greatly appreciated.


What if I don’t have access to a computer or Internet? 

We recognize that there will be students on and off campus who do not have access to electronic devices or high speed internet. Please note that at this time, campus will still be fully operational. A lab in Fayard and Sims Library will be available to you. This lab is being modified to help it be safer for use. If you do not live on campus or have decided to go home at this time, you are encouraged to communicate directly with your faculty members if you are unable to access a computer or do not have internet access. 


Who should I contact for technical support? 

While we welcome the challenge of transitioning to remote/online learning, we also recognize that there will be a need for additional support should technical issues arise. You are encouraged to contact the help desk by phone at 985-549-2700, by chat, or email at studenthelpdesk@  

In closing, we recognize that information is being transmitted quickly. It is very much a possibility that the content you’re receiving in this letter may be changed or altered in some capacity. Please continue to be patient and flexible as we continue to navigate things. As always, do not hesitate to reach out with any additional questions or concerns.


Your Dean of Students,
Dr. Gabe Willis