Reminder for Faculty and Staff

April 04, 2020

Please be reminded that Louisiana is currently under a “Stay at Home” Order from Governor John Bel Edwards.  This Order is intended to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and was recently extended through April 30.

For faculty and students, classes have transitioned to remote delivery, most staff are working remotely, and students who were able to do so have moved home.  Only the small number of students who could not return home and the limited number of individuals previously identified as essential staff should routinely be on campus. 

It is understood that faculty and staff who are working remotely may need to periodically access offices to collect files or other work materials; however, these instances should be minimized.  Also, in such cases, social distancing should be maintained in the event other individuals are encountered while on campus.  Faculty and staff should not plan to work out of their offices on a routine basis.  

For mitigation measures to have the desired and necessary impact on the spread of coronavirus, everyone needs to comply.