Important Fall Semester Update

July 09, 2020

Southeastern Students,

The last several months have been filled with a great deal of angst and uncertainty as we have all dealt with COVID-19 in multiple aspects of our lives.  The arrival of the coronavirus responsible for the worldwide pandemic disrupted our Spring Semester, impacting classes, student campus housing and dining services, athletic practice and competitions, student events and activities as well as Spring Commencement Ceremonies.

I am very grateful and appreciative for the resourcefulness and determination shown by our Southeastern Family members.  Resourcefulness and determination were clearly exhibited by so many of our students who successfully completed the semester, including 1,100 who completed their degrees this Spring, despite the challenges related to COVID-19. 

Of course, the huge disruption in the Spring Semester occurred because of the actions taken to help protect the health and safety of our Southeastern Family members.  Our focus on health and safety, including ongoing compliance with public health guidelines, has continued over the Summer and will continue into the Fall Semester.

Over the last few months, we have been working vigorously to prepare for the resumption of campus operations.  We have been evaluating, cleaning and modifying facilities to help ensure that we can resume operations as safely as possible.  We have also been developing policies and procedures that will help us ensure ongoing compliance with public health guidelines.

I encourage you to review the Student Safe Campus Guide to get a sense of the work being done in preparation for the Fall.  Likewise, the Guide provides explanations of the various safety measures and protocols that we all will need to follow to help ensure our collective health and safety.

While I certainly look forward to welcoming students, faculty and staff back to campus in the Fall, I know we all recognize that campus will look and feel somewhat different.  Many classes will reflect flexible formats that include online and face-to-face components.  These changes are necessary to comply with public health guidelines and to help keep everyone as safe as possible. Of course, the goal is to preserve the educational benefits and experiences associated with face-to-face instruction wherever possible.  Our academic leaders and faculty members will be communicating additional details about classes in the near future.

There will also be changes in other aspects of campus life such as campus housing and dining.  Students who have expressed a desire to live on campus will receive additional details from University Housing shortly.  More information about campus dining venues and protocols will be shared in the near future.

I encourage you to periodically revisit the Student Safe Campus Guide, as it will be updated to reflect any changes in public health guidelines. 

Stay safe and Lion Up!


John L. Crain