Remote Class Info

Feeling overwhelmed by the transition to online courses?

We know this is difficult. During this time, we are all faced with challenges that we've never encountered before. If you have concerns about managing the load and keeping up with your online classes, here are some steps to take. First, reach out to your faculty members to express your concern. Let them know you are committed to the course work but recognize the challenges ahead, both for students and faculty members.

Next, identify resources and make a plan. You can find tips for taking courses remotely at Class Continuity Preparation. Also, the Center for Student Excellence is offering online tutoring sessions. You can also use Google resources such as Calendar and Google Drive to stay organized. Your account is accessible on all your devices.

Lastly, keep an open mind and have patience. These are uncharted waters, but we all are facing this together. The more we can remain positive - the better we will be on the other side.



Now that classes have moved online, is the university closed?

Campus is not closed. Essential University staff are still on campus and basic operations continue although they have been modified.

Now that classes have moved online, will exams be online?

Instructors are responsible for notifying their students in advance about the shift to the online format and to communicate regularly to them expectations surrounding assignments, exams, etc.

What universal changes will be made to all formerly in-person classes?

In-person classes are being moved to a remote or online format.  Some classes and labs will be worked out on an individual basis by instructors and professors.  These details will be communicated to students directly from the appropriate faculty member.

Seeing that the student body has unequal access to Wi-Fi depending on their place of residence, how will the university accommodate students who don’t have reliable internet connection?

At this point, the computer lab in Fayard will remain open for students.  The open lab will be cleaned/disinfected regularly and social distancing will be expected.

Will professors have office hours for students to have meetings?

Faculty will still be available to students. There is an expectation that office hours or accessibility will be maintained in some form so that students have needed access to faculty.

What will happen with clinicals for nursing majors or student teaching hours for education majors? What happens to seniors if they have lab classes? How will presentations of senior theses work?

These situations will be dealt with on an individual basis through the student’s professor.  Those with clinicals and student teaching will be significantly determined by the hosting entity as well, but the goal is to minimize academic disruption for students in addition to protecting the health and safety all.  

Are there going to be any changes to classes that were already online?

Any class specific changes will be made by class instructors.

How will I receive grades for my labs now that classes are online?

Your instructor should have emailed information about class procedures. Check webmail for updates.

Will there a foreseeable date of return for this semester, or will the remainder of the semester’s in-class courses take place remotely through May?

Based on current guidance, and in coordination with other universities, classes will continue to be delivered remotely through the remainder of the semester.