What to Expect in Classes


Southeastern is following safety guidance in planning for on-campus classes. We are still planning for a combination of face-to-face, virtual, hybrid and online.

For many face-to-face classes and those with face-to-face components, the instructor will deliver the course in the assigned classroom to the maximum number of students allowed according to current social distancing guidelines. Those students who are unable to attend that class due to social distancing requirements or health accommodations will access the material remotely. Possibilities include streamed or recorded lectures, voice-over PowerPoint presentations, posted links, notes, slides, etc.

Some instructors will employ a "flipped classroom" format for face-to-face classes where lectures are pre-recorded and posted online. Class time will be devoted to discussion/problem sessions. Using this delivery method, all students enrolled in the class will have access to the content in real-time, either in person or virtually.

Other face-to-face courses have been converted to 100% online or hybrid courses to allow students to access the course material remotely.

Some experiences most likely necessitate the presence of students on campus or participation at assigned off-campus locations, depending on professional and/or accreditation standards.

As plans may differ for each course, instructors will communicate more details to students as plans are finalized. Students can expect to hear from instructors no later than August 12.

Please note that delivery formats may change as necessary depending on public health advisories relative to the Covid-19 pandemic. Course sections that contain an “F” for “Flex” may include in person, virtual, and/or online components as needed to accommodate social distancing, enhanced delivery or increased safety requirements.   All fall courses are being prepared for the possibility of remote delivery should the need arise.

Students are encouraged to review their Fall 2020 schedules for possible class format changes. Please note that changes are still in process.


Special Concerns

Students who are ill, quarantined, or have a medical condition that places them in the "high risk" category relating to COVID-19 should make their professors aware as soon as possible.  Faculty may be able to offer some classroom accommodations. As a second option, if a student has a medically documented condition as determined by a doctor, Student Accessibility Services (formerly Office of Disability Services) will work directly with them to seek accommodations as possible.

Students needing an exemption to the Face Mask/Coverings Policy due to medical conditions should contact Student Accessibility Services prior to the beginning of the semester.


Calendar Changes

The academic calendar has been adjusted for fall 2020 in order to minimize large scale travel outside of the campus. Changes include:

  • Moving up the start of classes to Monday, August 17.

  • Labor Day and fall break holidays will be cancelled.

  • Students will not return to campus after the Thanksgiving Holiday and exams will be conducted remotely thereafter.


Student in Mask in Library

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