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The General Studies Program provides students with career direction and educational opportunities and experiences to meet their professional and academic goals. An interdisciplinary degree is often highly desirable in a rapidly changing world and provides greater flexibility in creating a curriculum for an undergraduate degree. The purpose of the degree program is (1) to provide flexibility to students with broad interests, (2) to offer an option to those with new interests or those changing their majors late in their academic careers, and (3) to prepare students for entry into certain graduate and professional programs.


What Students Say:


  • I like having three concentration areas because I have so many different interests and can choose my classes.


  • I feel well prepared to successfully market myself and my skills to future employers. The three concentrations are the key strengths.


  • General Studies fits my needs and allows me to take more Internet classes which is important because I'm employed full time.


  • The General Studies degree program allowed me the freedom to fit my interests and my needs into the curriculum. I feel well prepared to enter the job market, especially after completing CPL 304.






"I attended school several years ago, but for various reasons never completed my bachelor's degree. After being in the workforce for several years, I realized for my own gratification I wanted to earn a degree; and General Studies was exactly what I was looking for! Southeastern was the logical choice for me with flexible schedules, Internet classes, and wonderful faculty. Not only have I become involved in the academics at Southeastern, but my husband (a Southeastern graduate) and I have become very involved in the athletics program as well. With so many opportunities available, I am proud that I have become a part of the Southeastern family.

-Jamie Renton

Kenner, LA


 "I chose General Studies because I enjoy learning in a variety of fields. I was attracted by the opportunity to customize my studies. I was able to concentrate in three areas of study rather than being confined to one. This made me a well-rounded student and a highly marketable employee. If you want variety in your studies in order to be well-rounded in the workplace, consider the GENS curriculum."


-Sarah Robertson

Nashville, TN