Standard 1

1.4.a  State Program Review Findings

1.4.b  Title II Reports

1.4.b 1  Title II Reports Alternative

1.4.b 2  Title II Reports Traditional

1.4.c  Key Assessments and Scoring Guides

1.4.c 1  Standards Crosswalk

1.4.c 2   Initial Key Assessments

1.4.c 3  C&I Graduate Key Assessments

1.4.c 4  SPED Key Assessments

1.4.c 5  EdL Graduate Key Assessments

1.4.c 6  EdD Program Handbook

1.4.c 7  EdD Program example assessments

1.4.d  Key Assessment Data

1.4.d 1   Praxis Data By Test/Program

1.4.d 2   Initial Data tables

1.4.d 3  Graduate C&I Data Tables

1.4.d 4  SPED Data Tables

1.4.d 5  EdL Graduate Data Tables

1.4.d 6 SACS Weave reports 2012-2013

1.4.e  Dispositions Key Assessments and Scoring Guides

1.4.e 1  Dispositions F11

1.4.e 2  Advanced Candidate Dispositions Self Assessment

1.4.e 3  SPED Advanced Candidate Professional Dispositions

1.4.f  Dispositions Assessment Data

1.4.f 1  Dispositions F11 Data Tables

1.4.f 2  Advanced Candidate Dispositions Data Tables

1.4.f 3  SPED Advanced Candidate Dispositions Data Tables

1.4.g  Examples of Candidates' Assessment/Analysis P-12 Student Learning

1.4.g 1  Assessment Plan Methods Examples

1.4.g 2 Assessment Plan Student Teaching Examples

1.4.h  Examples of Candidates' Work (Portfolios)

1.4.h 1  Introductory Example portfolios

1.4.h 2  Developing Example portfolios

1.4.h 3  Competency Example Portfolios

1.4.h 4  Graduate C & I MED Example Portfolios

1.4.h 5  Graduate EdL MED Example Portfolios

1.4.h 6  Graduate SPED MED Example Portfolios

1.4.i  Exit and Follow Up Surveys

1.4.i 1  Follow-Up Studies of Graduates: Alumni Surveys

1.4.i 2  University Exit Surveys

1.4.i 3  Unit/Program Exit Surveys (Basic Program Followup)

1.4.i 4  Unit/Program Reflective Practice Surveys

1.2.j  Employer and Community Feedback

1.4.j 1 Employer Feedback Surveys

1.4.j 2 Employer/Community Satisfaction

1.4.k  Performance of Educator Preparation Program

1.4.k 1  Performance Data Educator Preparation Programs

1.4.k 2  Alternate Teacher Preparation Program Dashboard

1.4.k 3  Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Program Dashboard

1.4.k.4  Final Teacher Preparation Fact Book 2014