Standard 3

3.4.a  Example Collaborative Activities Unit/P-12 Schools

3.4.a 1  Master List of Districts and Schools

3.4.a 2  Memoranda of Understanding Sample

3.4.a 3  Program Advisory Council

3.4.a 4  Council for Teacher Education members

3.4.a 5  Council for Teacher Education Agenda Sample

3.4.a 6  Apprenticeship Application - St. Charles Parish

3.4.a 7  Apprenticeship Teacher Agreement - St. Charles Parish

3.4.a 8  End of Year Questionnaires - Principal, Cooperating Teacher, and Candidate

3.4.a 9  End or Year Questionnaires - Results

3.4.b  Data on Field Placements and Clinical Practice

3.4.b 1  Field Hours Required by Course

3.4.b 2  Diversity of P-12 Students in Clinical Practice sites

3.4.b 3  PK-3 Elementary Middle School hours logged

3.4.b 4  Add-On Alt Cert hours logged

3.4.b 5  K-12 programs hours logged

3.4.b 6  Secondary programs hours logged

3.4.b 7  SPED programs hours logged

3.4.b 8  Advanced programs hours logged

3.4.b 9 Total FEX logged at sites

3.4.b 10  Field Experiences and clinical practice by program

3.4.c  Criteria for Selecting Clinical Faculty

3.4.c 1  Criteria for Cooperating Teachers

3.4.c 2  Criteria for Supervising Teachers

3.4.c 3  Criteria for Appointment of University Supervisors

3.4.c 4  Student Teaching Placement Request Form

3.4.d  Examples of Support/Evaluation of Clinical Faculty

3.4.d 1  Supervisor Teacher Evaluation

3.4.d 2  University Supervisor Evaluation

3.4.d 3  University Supervisor Evaluation form

3.4.d 4 Supervisory Personnel Handbook

3.4.d 5 University Supervisors Meeting Agenda Sample

3.4.d 6 University Supervisor's Weekly Report

3.4.e  Guidelines/Handbooks on Field Experiences and Clinical Practice

3.4.e 1  Graduate Handbook

3.4.e 2  MAT Handbook

3.4.e 3  Professional Improvement plan

3.4.e 4  Reflection of Learning

3.4.e 5  Master's in Educational Leadership Seminar Alignment

3.4.e 6  EdD Program Handbook

3.4 e 7  Master's in Educational Leadership Application Information

3.4 e 8  Student Teaching Handbook

3.4 e 9  Field Experience Handbook

3.4 e 10 Field Experience Orientation Schedule Sample

3.4 e 11 Internship Specific Criteria - Office of Student Teaching

3.4 e 12 Professional Development Opportunities

3.4.f  Assessment Instruments/Scoring Guides for Data Collected from Field Experiences

3.4 f 1  Compass LCET Form

3.4 f 2  Advanced Dispositions Candidate Self Assessment  

3.4 f 3  AR Project

3.4 f 4  Assessment Plan Methods

3.4 f 5  Assessment Plan Student Teaching Internship

3.4 f 6  Dispositions (F11)

3.4 f 7  EdL 725

3.4 f 8  Final Report on Student Teaching Internship

3.4 f 9  Lesson Plan Rubric

3.4 f 10  Professional Attributes Scale

3.4 f 11  SPED Advanced Candidate Professional Dispositions

3.4.g  Data on Candidates Entering and Exiting from Clinical Practice

3.4 g 1  Degrees Awarded by program

3.4 g 2  Educational Leadership Certification

3.4 g 3  Graduate Admission Requirements

3.4 g 4  Initial Admission Criteria

3.4 g 5  Master of education in Educational Leadership eligibility