Vision 2006

A Strategic Plan for
Southeastern Louisiana University's
College of Education
College Planning Council
April 16, 1998


Table 1. Primary Strategic Planning Process Steps


Develop strategic plan concepts Faculty, College Planning Council 8/97
Refine strategic plan concepts, develop objectives College Planning Council Fall 1997
Endorse plan concepts, propose implementation activities Faculty, College Planning Council 1/98
Refine specific goals and objectives and propose sample activities College Planning Council 3/98
Revise, edit and approve strategic plan including vision, mission, beliefs, goals, and objectives Dean's Administrative Council (DAC) 3/98
Present complete strategic plan to faculty Dean 4/98
Develop college management plan DAC 5/98
Check unit strategic plan alignment with college strategic plan Departments/Units 9/98
Check unit management plan alignment with college development plan Departments/Units 12/98
Implement college management plan DAC 7/1/98
Review strategic and

management plans

CPC/DAC Annually
Develop budget requests in alignment with strategic plans Departments/Units/DAC Annually


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