Educational Diagnostician


  1. A minimum of a master's degree in Elementary or Secondary Education, Special Education, Early Childhood, or Child Development.
  2. A minimum of a Type B teaching certificate with at least one year of classroom teaching experience in a properly certified area of special education.
  3. Certification in at least two areas of special education, one of which is learning disabilities, in accordance with the requirements of the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, or a generic certification with specialization in one area at the master's level.
  4. Six semester hours in diagnosis and remediation of reading problems, three semester hours of which may be undergraduate course work. (Secondary majors must have three semester hours in foundations of reading in addition to this requirement).
    • This means that individuals with an elementary education background need to take:

      EDUC 304/657

      EDUC 322/661

    • Individuals already certified in an area of secondary education must take:

      EDUC 657/658

      EDUC 661

      EDUC 664 

  5. A minimum of the following graduate level courses:

    • SPED 608/708

    • SPED 612

    • SPED 613

    • SPED 614

    • SPED 686

    • SPED 710

    • SPED 716