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Certification endorsement in Educational Technology Leadership will prepare the candidate whose role it is to coordinate the implementation of technology at a state, regional, or district level or who serves as a state leader in facilitating the integration of technology to support student learning, communications, and productivity. The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) approved requirements for the Certification endorsement for Educational Technology Leadership are described below.


  1. A valid Type A or Level 3 Louisiana Teaching Certificate*

  2. An earned master's degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education.

  3. A minimum of 21 semester hours of graduate credit.


    Educational Technology coursework

    9 semester hours


    ETEC 644

    Design and Development of Instructional Software for the Elementary and Secondary School


    ETEC 650

    Educational Telecommunications (Networking and the Internet)


    ETEC 660

    Educational Technology Leadership for Change


    Educational Technology Leadership coursework

    12 semester hours


    ETEC 630

    Technology Planning and Administration


    ETEC 665

    Design of Professional Development Program for K 12 Technology


    ETEC 695

    Evaluation of Industrial Technology Research


    ETEC 645

    Curricular Design and Course Development for Educational at a Distance




  4. Persons who have met the requirements of 1 and 3-A may be issued a non-renewable, non-extendable Educational Technology Leadership provisional certificate valid for three years. 
  5. Persons who have met the requirements of 1 through 3-B may be endorsed for Educational Technology Leadership.
  6. Certified teachers who have served as coordinators of educational technology at the district, regional, and/or state levels may petition the Office of Certification and Higher Education to be grandfathered in with an Educational Technology Leadership certification if they met one of the following qualifications: 

    1. Hold certification in computer literacy and have earned an additional nine semester hours in educational technology courses, and have served as a coordinator of educational technology above the building level (at the district, regional, or state level) for the past three years as verified by the employing authority. 


    2. Have served as a coordinator of educational technology above the building level (at the district, regional, or state level) successfully for the past five years as verified by the employing authority.



* Requires five years of teaching experience.