Alternative Certification

Thank you for your interest in Southeastern's Alternate Certification Programs. If you have earned a Bachelor's degree in an area other than education and would like to become a certified teacher, this program is for you! We offer Master's Degree and Non-Master's/Certification-Only Options.


Practitioner License

Students enrolled in one of Southeastern's Alternative Programs may be eligible for a Practitioner License, which allows students to teach while working to obtain their alternate certification.

Learn more about the Practitioner License.


Master's Degree Program

Intensive full-time, five semester program that will culminate in a Master of Arts in Teaching with a certification in Grades 1-5. Students will be advised in additional certification endorsements.


Non-Master's/Certification-Only Options

Certification-Only Alternate Path Program for Southeastern's "Alt Cert" program in select areas of interest. Students must have one semester of student teaching.