Constitution and Bylaws


The name of this organization will be Beta Alpha Psi - The National Accounting Fraternity.


Section 1. The purpose of this society will be to encourage overall academic achievement and specifically the achievement of high standards in the field of accounting.

Section 2. The purpose of this society will be to furnish a group to sponsor professional development programs for all students and faculty of the Accounting Department.


Section 1. The officers shall consist of President, President-elect, Vice-president of Membership, Vice-president of Reporting, Vice-president of Public Relations, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2. The term of office for all elected officers shall be no longer than two years. The term of office shall begin at the election in either the spring or fall semester and end with the election of a replacement. Because of inconsistent graduation dates, elections will be held each semester on an as needed basis.

Nominations and Elections

Section 1. Nominations for the election of officers shall take place at the fourth to the last meeting each school year. The Nomination Committee will be present to the membership a slate of members the committee believes capable of officer positions. Nominations can also be made at large from the membership.

Section 2. Elections shall take place the second from the last meeting of each semester. The new officers shall then preside with the old officers at the last meeting.

Section 3. Elections shall be by vote of the members present at the meeting. Voting will take place after said members are determined, by the Faculty vice-president, representative of Beta Alpha Psi. Voting shall be by ballot and a simple majority vote of members present shall be required for election. The President shall only vote in case of a tie.

Section 4. Any officer, other than the President, which becomes vacant during the year, shall be filled by appointment by the President. A vacancy in the office of the President shall be filled by the President-elect.

Section 5. Nominations for the office of President-elect shall consist of the current officers (except for the current President). In the event no current officer wishes to occupy this office, nominations shall be made in accordance with Article IV, Section 1 of this Constitution.

Duties and Powers of the Officers

Section 1. President The duties of the President shall be to preside at all meetings of Honorary Society of Accounting Majors; to call meetings; to decide in cases of emergency questions demanding immediate action; to submit at the annual election meeting a written report of official work done during his term in office; to be an ex-officio member of all committees; to appoint the committee heads and officers to positions which may become vacant; and arrange for speakers at meetings with the option of delegating this power to the President-elect.

Section 2. Vice-President of Membership The duties of the Vice-President of Membership shall be to perform the duties of the President in the absence or incapacity of the same; check attendance; chair the membership committee, and preside over alumni functions.

Section3. Vice-President of Public Relations The duties of the Vice-President of Public Relations shall be to design and post signs announcing all meetings or special announcements of the organization; to create and submit news articles for publication; and to take pictures at all events for publication. Further, the Vice President of Public Relations shall act as social chairperson, planning all social activities.

Section 4. Treasurer The duties of the Treasurer shall be to keep an accurate account of all money received and paid out and from who received and to whom given; to collect all money due to the organization; to notify each member of an arrears in dues; to render an account of the finances of the organization upon request; compiling annual financial reports, perform bank reconciliation, make deposits, and write checks.

Section 5. Recording Secretary The duties of the Recording Secretary shall be to keep accurate, permanent record of the minutes and proceedings of the organization and to take charge of all correspondence of the organization, including correspondence to faculty and members; to maintain a roster of current members and their addresses and phone numbers.

Section 6. Vice-President of Reporting The duties of the Reporting Secretary shall be to compile reports and other various information to forward to the Beta Alpha Psi National Office.

Section 7. Faculty Advisor The duties of the Faculty Advisor shall be to serve as the advisor to the chapter and when requested to do so by the Board attests to the chapter's compliance with specified provisions of the National Constitution, Bylaws, and program of Chapter Activities.

Section 8. President Elect The duties of the President-elect are to aid and support the President in the management of the organization. The President-elect shall be the President once the current President steps down from office.


Section 1. Amendments to this Constitution may be submitted by any member. Such amendments shall be submitted in writing at a regular meeting of the society. Discussion and voting will follow.

Section 2. A majority of fifty percent plus one of the members present shall be necessary for the adoption of amendments of this Constitution.


Section 1.
The following are requirements form membership:

1. The student must be an accounting major.

2. The student must have an overall GPA of 3.00 or better, or have a 3.25 average on the most recent 30 or
more hours of course work completed that shall include a full semester.

3. The student must have earned a minimum of 6 hours of accounting courses numbered 221 or above.

4. The student must have a 3.25 or above GPA in all accounting courses including Principles courses (211 and 212 or 200).

5. If an accounting course above the principles level is repeated, then the average of the grades is used to compute the GPA.

6. All the courses stated in (5) above must have been taken at Southeastern Louisiana University, or transferred to SLU with the approval of the Head of the Accounting Department.

7. The student must be a degree seeking student.

8. The student must be of good moral character and their membership must be approved by the faculty of the Department of Accounting and by the membership.

Section 2.
The following are required to sustain membership:

1. Each member must accumulate a minimum number of hours per semester as per the Beta Alpha Psi point system in order to remain a member in good standing. The number of points will be determined at the beginning of the semester by the executive committee.

2. Each pledge must accumulate a certain number of points/hours, decided upon by the executive committee before each semester, in order to be initiated.

3. Any member who fails to accumulate the points necessary to sustain membership shall be subject to probation.

4. Probation shall be maintained by the member until said member is able to accumulate the points necessary to comply with the standards set forth in order to be considered a member in good standing.

5. A member is said to be held in good standing if he/she has accumulated the points set forth above in Article VII Sections 1 and 2.

Section 3.
Candidates for membership must be present for the initiation ceremony. Initiation in absentia will not be permitted under any circumstances. The official initiation ritual shall be used.


Section 1. It is intended that meetings be primarily academic and guest speakers obtained when they can come. At such meetings, faculty of the College of Business will be invited.

Section 2. Special business meetings shall be called by the officers on a notification basis. The president shall have the only authority to call a meeting.

Section 3. Quorum shall be a super majority.


Dues will be determined at the beginning of the Fall semester each year and voted upon by the members or the society and due at the beginning of each semester and will be subject to adjustment as deemed necessary.


Parliamentary procedure shall govern the conduct of this organization and its committees, except where otherwise provided by this Constitution.


Section 1. The Membership\Alumni Committee shall be chaired by the Vice-President. The duties shall be to take care of all matters pertaining to the membership campaign; and to see that the records of members are properly transmitted to the Secretary of the organization; to maintain an alumni directory and to keep in touch with the former members as to the Activities of Beta Alpha Psi through an alumni newsletter.

Section 2. The Nomination Committee shall be chaired by the Faculty Advisor and shall consist of the officers of Beta Alpha Psi. The committee will develop a slate of prospective officers to present to the membership the fourth to the last meeting of the spring semester.

Section 3. The Audit Committee shall effectively and independently audit the Beta Alpha Psi bank account and financial activities of the year end report.

Section 4. The Community Service Committee shall plan and schedule all community service activities for the year. The committee is responsible for seeking all donations for these activities and maintaining enough volunteers at these events.

Section 5. The Fund Raiser Committee shall plan and implement successful fund raisers that will support chapter activities.

Section 6. The Social Committee shall plan and implement all the arrangements for Beta Alpha Psi's social
events, including the pledge initiation at the end of each semester.

Section 7. The Tutor Committee shall coordinate the chapter's plan to assist students enrolled in accounting courses. All pledges are required to tutor at least three sessions. The committee is responsible for having a sufficient number of tutors available at all tutoring sessions.

Beta Alpha Psi Award

This award will be given in the Spring of each year to a Beta Alpha Psi member in good standing based on the following criteria:

1. The recipient must be a graduating senior of either the current spring or previous fall semesters.

2. The recipient must be an accounting major.

3. The recipient will be selected based upon the following criteria:

4. The recipient will be chosen by the Faculty Advisor with the assistance of the departmental scholarship and honors committee.

This Constitution and By Laws have been approved by the membership as of September 30, 1999.

Mandy Fischer, President
John Paul Domiano, Vice-President of Membership
Kari Martin, Vice-President of Public Relations
Heather Guidroz, Vice-President of Reporting
Amy Vicknair, Recording Secretary
Melissa Priest, Treasurer
Michael J. Meyer, Faculty Advisor