News Release


Chefs Evening, scheduled for March 3, is sporting a new look for 2013. Posters, invitations and other materials for the popular annual fundraiser will reflect a new logo and identity created by Andre Ladegaillerie, a senior graphic design major from Mandeville.

The design is black and white, with simple, clean lines, similar to silver on a white tablecloth, which Ladegaillerie said is the image that inspired him.

"I chose a white background because it gives the design a very upscale, modern look," he said. "I wanted to create an identity for Chefs Evening that everyone could relate to."
The new logo resulted from a design contest in faculty member Gary Keown's class in advanced print design. University Advancement asked Keown to partner with them to develop a fresh look for the event, while providing a hands-on learning experience for his 15 class members.

"This was a complex assignment," said Keown. "The students had to be extremely organized and focused to complete the job. They had to work at an expedient pace with a real world deadline."


Ladegaillerie, 23, will graduate in May with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in graphic design. He said this kind of assignment helps students build a portfolio and learn to work effectively with clients.

"Having your work judged by multiple people gives you great feedback," he said. "I'd like to work in a design firm in New Orleans or another large city, and this was great experience. I want to try a little bit of everything in graphic design."

The designs of students Naomi Rodger of Mandeville and Michael LeBlanc of Gonzales were chosen second and third in the contest, respectively. Jacki Bellairs, Southeastern's Annual Giving director, said making a final decision was difficult.

"We were amazed by the quality of the work and the outstanding professionalism of the students," she said. "This project was a great way to showcase the outstanding talents of our students while promoting philanthropy on our campus and in our community."
Proceeds from Chefs Evening benefit academic programs at Southeastern.