Field Locations

Field Locations

Most of our field research is conducted on the Manchac Wildlife Management Area, which is approximately 8000 acres of fresh marsh, "owned" by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and located adjacent to the Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station. Turtle Cove is a great old house built in 1908 that serves as a base of operations for much of our work.

Other sites include saltmarsh habitat on Timbalier Island in the Gulf of Mexico and baldcypress/tupelogum swamps surrounding Lake Maurepas.

heronThere is an abundance of wetland habitat types all across south Louisiana... Hey!!! I guess that's why we do our research here!... and finding beautiful places to work is never a problem (assuming of course, you like being with the animals and plants in their home). Deciding which one of these locations to use as a study site is the real problem. Tough life, eh?

Maybe a visit to our photo album will inspire you to come and work with us...