Departmental Seminar Schedule

All seminars are Thursday at 4:00 pm, Meade Hall, room: 112.


The Biology Building and Meade Hallare located near the south-east corner of campus.

Click here for driving directions  to the Biology Building or for a printable campus map.



Spring 2014  Spring 2011 Seminar Schedule






6 February

Maureen Donnelly

Florida International University

The Strawberry Poison frog: ecological and evolutionary studies of a model organism. 

13 and 20 February

Biology Graduate Students

Southeastern Louisiana University

Presentation of new graduate thesis projects.

27 February

Joseph Mendelson1 & Karen Lipps2

1Zoo Atlanta

2University of Maryland

Shifting baselines & the new normal: exploration, collaboration and the history of amphibian population declines.    

6 March

Michael Moore

Tulane University

Neural micro-engineering for modeling neurological disorders & therapies.

manuscript 1       manuscript 2 

28 March



BGSO Super Speaker

Jerry Jaax

Kansas State University

Bioterrorism and infectious disease: an "emerging" problem?

3 April

James Albert

University of Louisiana - Lafayette

River capture promotes diversification in Neotropical freshwaters.    

17 April

Stephen Secor

University of Alabama

Gastrointestinal physiology of snakes: evolution of plasticity, mechanisms of flexibility.   

1 May

Emily Monosson

University of Massachusetts

Evolution in a toxic world.


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