Departmental Seminar Schedule

All seminars are Thursday at 4:00 pm, Meade Hall, room: 112 (unless posted otherwise).


The Biology Building and Meade Hall are located near the south-east corner of campus.

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Spring 2017  Spring 2011 Seminar Schedule






12 January

Biology Graduate Students

Southeastern Louisiana University

Presentation of Graduate Thesis Projects (part 1)

19 January

Biology Graduate Students

Southeastern Louisiana University

Presentation of Graduate Thesis Projects (part 2)

24 January

Raul Diaz

LaSierra University

Ecological Adaptation as a Driver of Extreme Morphological Diversity: Cranial and Limb Development in Chameleons

26 January

Joseph Manthey

New York University - Abu Dhabi

Evolutionary genomics of woodpeckers

31 January

Fernando Alda

Louisiana State University

Patterns and processes of fish diversification in the age of phylogenomics

2 February

April Wright

Iowa State University & The Field Museum

The Ant Tree of Live: big data lessons from little creatures

7 February


Mike Doosey

Tulane University

True tales about fish tails: caudal fin morphology and development in teleost fishes

9 February

Neal Platt

Texas Tech University

Using genomics and phylogenomics to understand the diversification of Myotis bats

Mardi Gras Seminar
23 February

Steve Werman

Colorado Mesa University

Toxic Tales: Animal Poisons and Venoms
Graduate Student Invited Speaker
16 March

Whit Gibbons

Savannah River Ecology Lab

Mysteries & Discoveries in the Hidden Biodiversity around us: Adventures with reptiles and Amphibians
30 March

Brad Glorioso

USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center

The South-Central Region of the U.S. Geological Survey's Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative (ARMI) Program: An Overview of Recent and Current Projects
13 April

William Ludt

Louisiana State University

Life outside the tropics: Understanding anti-tropical distributions in marine fishes
27 April

Kyle Piller

southeastern Louisiana University

Diversification of middle American fishes

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