Departmental Seminar Schedule

All seminars are Thursday at 4:00 pm, Meade Hall, room: 112 (unless posted otherwise).


The Biology Building and Meade Hall are located near the south-east corner of campus.

Click here for driving directions  to the Biology Building or for a printable campus map.



Spring 2019  Spring 2011 Seminar Schedule






24 January

New Graduate Students

Southeastern Louisiana University

Presentation of Research Projects

31 January

Job Candidate #1

Life-history variation and its consequences for animal mating systems.

7 February

Job Candidate #2

Fish with laser vision and other fun functions of animal coloration.

14 February

Job Candidate #3

Going wild: behavior and physiology in context.

21 February

New Graduate Students

Southeastern Louisiana University

Presentation of Research Projects

28 February

Mardi Gras

Sean Graham

Sul Ross University

The secret lives of American snakes.

14 March

Sophie Warny

Louisiana State University

The secret life of pollen.

4 April


Devin Champagne

University of Colorado

Mitochondria: the powerhouse of (the cell) chemotherapy treatment failure.
2 May

Abigail Bockus


Farming wild: using comparative physiology to enhance aquatic production.
9 May

Beth Stauffer

University of Louisiana Lafayette

Beyond biomass: the variety of roles and controls shaping phytoplankton communities.
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