Departmental Seminar Schedule

All seminars are Thursday at 4:00 pm, Meade Hall, room: 112 (unless posted otherwise).


The Biology Building and Meade Hall are located near the south-east corner of campus.

Click here for driving directions  to the Biology Building or for a printable campus map.



Fall 2018  Spring 2011 Seminar Schedule






30 August

Chris Beachy

Southeastern Louisiana University

Lunglessness in the Amphibia: Perspectives and challenges to understanding the history of an innovation

6 September

Ryan Carney

University of South Florida

Digital dinosaurs and diseases

27 September


Matthew Brown

Mississippi State University.

Between a pod and a hard test: deep evolution and development of amoeboid microbes.

11 October


David Brown

Eastern Kentucky University

Songbird responses to disturbance and extreme weather in Appalachia.

25 October

Fenglei He

Tulane University

Pdgfra regulation of craniofacial morphogenesis.

1 November


Carl Oliveros

Louisiana State University

Reconciling avian evolution and Earth history using phylogenomics.

15 November


Emily Farrer

Tulane University

Integrating microbes into community ecology: the unseen majority and plant response to global change.

29 November


The Phylo-Genies

Southeastern Louisiana University

Nothing in evolution makes sense unless seen in the light of phylogeny.
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