Dr. Jennifer Lamb

Instructor of Biological Sciences


Dr. Jennifer Lamb

Ph.D., The University of Southern Mississippi, 2016

Office: 305 Biology Building

Phone: (985) 549-3472

Email: Jennifer.lamb@southeastern.edu

Office Hours: Posted on my office door & by appointment.

Teaching Expertise: General Biology

Links: jenlamb.weebly.com


Info about research:

My research interests are centered on the ecology and conservation of amphibians, with much of my focus falling on salamanders in the Gulf Coastal Plain. Recent work includes the population genetics of Gulf Coast waterdogs (Necturus beyeri), sexual isolation and the systematics of dusky salamanders (Genus Desmognathus), and habitat occupancy modeling projects with stream-breeding lungless salamanders (Family Plethodontidae). Check out the research tab on my personal website for more details.