Pre-Professional Students

Resources for Professional School Candidates

Dear Professional School Candidate,


It is spring 2014 and the time has arrived to fill out applications for medical school and other pre-professional schools that you want to start attending in the fall of 2015.


This tends to be a very stressful time of the year, but do not get discouraged! Stay motivated! This web site will provide you with important information and some forms you will need to fill out.


Filling out applications can be tedious. If your materials are organized, you should not have many problems. Here are some hints on how to make your application process simple:


1. Make a folder to keep all your papers in order and in good condition.

2. Always type your information.

3. Always make copies of all application materials before you mail them. You will probably need this information in the future.

4. Notify those who are writing references for you at least one month ahead of time.

5. Most Medical Schools want a recommendation letter from an institutional committee.
If your overall GPA is 3.3 or higher and you want to be evaluated by Southeastern's Medical School Evaluation Committee (MEC) click on the big link to the checklist and forms below.

6. Be aware of deadlines - especially the online "Notice of Intent".


If you need help or if you have any questions, feel free to ask the Delta Omega Alpha officers or the Pre-Medical Advisor.


Good Luck!



Click here for a checklist and important forms.






Some Useful Documents:

A suggested curriculum for pre-professional students

A self-assessment form  (copyright: University of Utah 2009-2010)

Personality Check: non-cognitive variables (high score = desirable personality traits)

AMCAS Instructions 2013


MCAT 2014:

MCAT Schedule 2014

Click here for the 2014 Registration Deadline Schedule (external link will open in new window).


MCAT Topics:

A preview of the changes to the 2015 MCAT


DAT 2014:

DAT Instructions 2014

Click here for additional information on the DAT (external link will open in new window).


Scholarships For Pre-Professional Students:


Other UsefulLinks: