Student Research Oppotunities

Research opportunities in Biology are available for qualified undergraduate and graduate students.

Some of these opportunities are listed here. Alternatively, if you are interested in the work of a particular faculty member, contact them directly to ask about other potential research opportunities.



Undergraduate biology or chemistry majors with curious minds, good grades, and a strong work ethic are needed to help with several ongoing projects that focus on water transport in plants and xylem dysfunction.


  • Development of rice varieties that are able to grow under aerobic conditions
  • Xylem dysfunction in Bald cypress trees subjected to salt stress
  • Xylem cavitation and recovery from cavitation fatigue in sunflower
  • Undergraduate students that are enrolled in Southeastern's Honors Program can use their lab experience to write an honors thesis and are especially encouraged to apply



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Dr. Volker Stiller
Plant Water Relations Student Research

Dr. Penny Schockett
Graduate Research Opportunities in Molecular Immunology



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