Physics Degree Programs

The notion that all matter from subatomic particles to galactic clusters obeys a small set of principles that can be modeled mathematically is the fundamental premise of physics. The degree program in physics offers comprehensive training in all four major fields of physics: mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics. When combined with the numerous opportunities for undergraduate research in physics, the degree produces students who are well prepared for a career in industry or for graduate study in physics or engineering.

A major in physics in the College of Arts and Sciences will be given upon satisfactory completion of 45 semester hours of physics.


A minor in physics will be granted upon satisfactory completion of 20 semester hours in physics at the 200 level or above, eight hours of which must be Physics 221-223, and Physics 222-224.


Pre-engineering students may become candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Southeastern Louisiana University by satisfying the following academic requirements. The student must: (1) complete 90 credit hours at Southeastern (the last 30 in residence), (2) complete 28 hours of physics at the 200 level or above (all courses must be chosen from those required of physics majors), (3) complete the Board of Regents General Education Requirements, (4) satisfactorily complete an Engineering Degree Program. At the beginning of the student's final year in the Engineering program, the student must (1) request Departmental evaluation of his/her record, (2) secure and submit an application for graduation, and (3) pay the diploma fee at the time the completed application is submitted to the Controller's Office.


Curriculum Sheets:

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Physics-Engineering Dual Degree Program