About the Communication and Media Studies Department

The field of communication has experienced explosive change in the last 10 years. Our curriculum has been completely redesigned to better prepare our graduates for 21st century careers.

Students can choose from four concentrations:


Coursework includes Concentration Requirements of seven courses (21 Credits)

Students will then select nine Concentration Electives (27 Credits) from three areas:

  1. Content Creation and Production – Courses that will give you the training to write, shoot, edit, direct and produce digital media content.

  2. Media Strategy – Courses that will train you to find, build, measure and analyze audiences and customer bases.

  3. Communication Theory – Courses that will provide the intellectual rigor and grounding necessary to become well educated professional communicators.


The program is designed to get students working on concentration courses in their first year. All course work is portfolio driven. This means that students will be generating media content to use in a demo reel and e-portfolio. Building a portfolio of demonstrable skills is essential for securing internships and entry level jobs in the students' area of interest.

The program also includes five free elective courses (15 credits) that allows the student to elect a minor to enhance their credentials.

Concentrations were designed with the objective of educating students for meaningful work that takes advantage of their interests and talents.