through the Department of Communication and Media Studies


The Communication Internship Program... a cooperative venture between Southeastern and a variety of businesses and organizations. It combines student academic preparation with on-site experiences. The student, the business or organization, and the faculty will work as a team to ensure that the internship provides an optimal learning experience.


Minimum Criteria

To be eligible for an internship, the student must meet all the following criteria and have appropriate course work for the particular internship:


1. Be a communication major and submit a resume and internship application
2. Be a junior (in hours)
3. Show proof of scholarship
4. Completion of COMM 151, COMM 159*, and COMM 211
* Org Comm students may substitute COMM 215 for 159


In Addition

Students interested in Print Journalism must also have taken COMM 340 or COMM 341. 

Students interested in Broadcasting must also have taken COMM 256 or 357 and COMM 341. 

Students interested in Public Relations must also have taken COMM 370 and COMM 463. 

Students interested in Organizational Communication must also have taken COMM 413 and COMM 418 or COMM 471. 

Course substitutions may be made at the discretion of the department head.These courses cannot be taken concurrently with the internship.


As an intern, you must satisfy the expectations of both the Southeastern internship coordinator and your employer. Those expectations include the following:


A minimum of 10 hours per week, spring or fall, or 20 hours a week during summer. 

Professional attire and attitude when participating in the internship. 

Participation in an internship training session at the beginning of the semester. 

Submission of Intern Monthly Progress Report throughout the semester to the internship coordinator. 

Internship final reflection due from the intern by the last day of class for the semester of the internship. 

Submission of two forms to be completed by the employer (see internship packet)


These are the minimum requirements. Fulfillment of these qualification does not guarantee an internship. Approval is granted by the Internship Committee based on the specific merits of each student and internship possibility.

If you are interested in an internship, you'll need to be enrolled in COMM 459 (Internship).

 To do so, please contact Dr. Carol Madere at (985) 549-5681 or by email at cmadere@southeastern.eduto learn more about what will be expected of you and of the business offering the internship.