Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Master of Education in Counselor Education


The degree requirements for a Master of Education in Counselor Education consist of the following:


  • 42 hours of courses common to all concentrations


  • 9 hours of concentration-specific courses (see specific track requirements below);


  • 9 clinical hours


  • 3 hours of practicum (a clinical experience consisting of 100 total hours over the

       course of the semester with 40 hours of direct counseling); and
       60 hours of internship at an approved clinical site (600 total hours, 240 direct
       counseling hours) over the course of 2 semesters.

To receive a Master of Education in Counselor Education, a student must:


  • Complete all course work and requirements stated in the degree plan, including practicum and internship.


  • Participate in a pre-practicum screening interview and receive endorsement from the Counseling Faculty Supervision Committee to enroll in internship.


  • Demonstrate knowledge and mastery of appropriate skills, ethical issues, and professional behavior throughout the program.


  • Participate in an exit interview during the last semester of internship.


  •  Pass the comprehensive examination in the final semester.


Students who begin in the Summer of 2011 or after will follow the degree plans below.


Clinical Mental Health Counseling

School Counseling

Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling


Students enrolled in the program prior to 2011 who wish to update to the new curriculum must see their advisor to complete a new degree plan.