School Counseling

School Counseling

Welcome to the School Counseling Program!


OUR MISSION.....It is the mission of our program to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and practices necessary to effectively perform the roles and functions of professional school counselors in K-12 settings in order to promote the academic, career and personal/social development of all K-12 students.


OUR CREDENTIALS.....The school counseling program is accredited by CACREP and approved by the Louisiana Department of Education.


OUR GRADUATES.....Upon successful completion of the program, our graduates are eligible for certification as Louisiana School Counselors. Graduates are also eligible to apply for the Louisiana Professional Counselor license (LPC), National Certified Counselor (NCC), and National Certified School Counselor (NCSC). The LPC and NCSC credentials require additional post masters counseling under the supervision of approved supervisors and passing scores on the credentialiting exams.


OUR PROGRAM.....The 60 hour master’s degree includes 700 hours of actual hands-on experience working in K-12 schools. Courses are offered in a variety of formats, including 100% and partial Internet. Our 3-year plan of course offerings allow you and your faculty advisor to map-out a schedule that works for you and your busy lifestyle.


OUR PARTNERSHIPS.....Our school counseling program thrives on the partnerships we’ve created with K-12 schools in Southeastern’s service region. Highly qualified professional school counselors work closely with program faculty to insure that your classroom experiences are preparing you for the real world. Here are two important examples of how our partnerships work:

- SCAT (School Counseling Advisory Team) is a group of professional school counselors and community members who meet on a regular basis to discuss all things related to the evolving needs of school counselors. This team is critical to the on-going improvement of our school counseling program!


- PSCMP (Professional School Counselor Shadowing Program) provides our student an opportunity to shadow a professional school counselor for a short period of time to better understand their many roles and responsibilities.

Our world is evolving and the needs of K-12 students are changing rapidly. Now is an exciting time to be a school counselor!


For more information or to speak to someone directly about our program, please email the School Counseling Program Coordinator, Dr. Mary Ballard, at


We look forward to hearing from you soon!!