Computer Science Internship Course Requirements

Note: Because this class does not meet on a regularly scheduled basis, the following requirements will be strictly enforced!

  • Students are responsible for obtaining employment for their internship. Their employment must also directly relate to their degree and concentration.

  • Students must be employed 20 hours per week to earn three hours of credit in the fall and spring semesters, or be employed 40 hours per week to earn three hours of credit in the summer semester.

  • Students must obtain a faculty sponsor for their internship. Students should meet with their faculty sponsor prior to the start of the semester to discuss the proper form and content of the objectives.

  • Thirty day before the beginning of the semester, the following items must be completed, signed by the student and/or employer where applicable, and the original copy submitted to department office in Fayardroom 307:The internship committee will review all the forms and make recommendations to the department head.  The department head must approve all forms before the student's internship is official!

  • Students must develop three different measurable learning objectives with the input and approval of their employer and faculty sponsor

  • Students must submit three, four page activity reports during the semester. The reports must relate to the measurable learning objectives and must fully describe the activity. Documentation in the form of drawings, safety audits, schedule, estimates, etc... Must be attached to the reports. The reports must be submitted by specific deadlines during the semester.

  • Students must maintain a weekly log of all work related activities. Entries must be made every week. Write approximately three sentences that detail your daily accomplishments. A copy of the activity log, CS Form 404, is attached for your use. Duplicate the form as needed.

  • Prior to the end of classes, students must complete and submit the following to Dr. Zhang:

    • Time/wage report CS Form 404 that verifies the hourly requirement for the semester

    • Students' evaluation of the internship employer, CS Form 410

    • The employers evaluation of the computer science internship student CS Form 420, which is completed by the employer

    • Students measurable learning objectives, CS Form 403, with the employers evaluation of the students performance

    • Originals of the three activity reports that were completed during the semester

    • A five page executive summary of your internship experience

    • Completed daily activity logs CS Form 405 for the entire semester


Complete Computer Science Internship Course Requirements Packet (all forms)