Dr. Kathleen Campbell


Professor of Educational Leadership


Dr. Campbell

Ph.D., University of New Orleans

M.A., University of New Orleans

B.A., University of New Orleans

B.A., Louisiana State University


Office: TEC 1006M

Phone: 985-549-5714
Fax: 985-549-5712


Teaching Expertise: Educational Leadership/ Principalship, Single Sex Education (Exp. Females), Teacher Leadership, Gifted Education and Interdisciplinary Curriculum.


Courses Traditionally Taught:

EDL 612: Fostering Vision & Leadership in Educational Environments

EDL 635: Supervision of Instruction

EDL 810: Leadership Theory & Practice

EDL 811: Management of Educational Organizations

EDL 812: Supervision in Educational Settings

EDL 831: Critical Analysis of Current Research on Effective Educational Practice

EDL 841: Organizational Development for Learning Communities


Research Interests: University principal preparation programs in the South, similarities and differences between Ed.D. and Ph.D. dissertations in educational leadership, the principal's current role in helping to prepare pre-service and new teachers, and networks of support for principals and teachers.


Curriculum Vitae