M.Ed in Educational Technology Leadership

Effective Spring 2014, this program has been discontinued. Current students in the program have until May 2016 to complete their degree program. No new students are being accepted into this program.


Requirements for Completion of the Master of Education Degree in Education Technology Leadership

To receive the Master of Education degree in Educational Technology Leadership, a student must:

  1. successfully complete all requirements stated in the degree plan with grades of “B” or better in all course work; No grade below “B” will be accepted for graduate degree credit.

  2. successfully complete all field-based experiences and internship;

  3. during the last semester of study, satisfactorily complete a comprehensive examination, to take the form of completion and defense before the Educational Technology Faculty of an electronic portfolio (A student whose portfolio and/or defense is deemed unsatisfactory will be required to perform remediation activities or coursework before requesting a second examination. No candidate will be permitted a third attempt).


  • ETEC 620 Infusion of Technology into Professional Practice 

  • ETEC 630 Technology Planning and Administration 

  • ETEC 635 Legal Issues in the Digital Age (Elective)

  • ETEC 641 Webmastering for K-12 Instructional Delivery

  • ETEC 644 Design and Development of Instructional Software for the Elementary and Secondary School

  • ETEC 645 Curricular Design and Development for Distance Education

  • ETEC 646 Advanced Design of Instructional Software (Elective)

  • ETEC 650 Educational Telecommunications (Networking and the Internet) 

  • ETEC 660 Technology Leadership for Change

  • ETEC 665 Design of Professional Development Programs for K-12 Technology 

  • ETEC 695 Evaluation of Instructional Technology Research

  • ETEC 680 Practicum for Technology Concentration

  • EDF 600 Educational Research


All courses are guided by the College of Education conceptual framework. 


Certification Offerings through the State Department of Education

With a valid TYPE B of Level 2 Louisiana Teaching certificate, candidates are eligible for the following certifications:

  • Educational Technology Facilitator (completion of 9 semester hours of the following courses: ETEC 644, 650 and 660

  • Educational Technology Leader (completion of the 9 hours for the facilitator certification - and completion of 12 semester hours of the following courses ETEC 630, 665, 645, and 695

For more information, please contact:


Dr. Nan Adams, Professor

Coordinator, Technology Leadership Program

Department of Educational Leadership and Technology

SLU 10549, Hammond, LA 70402


Tel. 985-549-5713

Fax: 985-549-5712