Mary Mocsary

After teaching for over thirty years, I am still excited and challenged about motivating my students to enjoy literature, writing, grammar, and critical thinking.I often use pop culture to create workshops for them, such as using forty famous movie clips, containing memorable lines of dialogue, and then having the students punctuate those quotes. I have more success with this method of teaching punctuation than using all of the rules and examples that any textbook provides. I have dressed in a variety of costumes over the years to introduce a topic.


Mary Mocsary and students at a Vampire Lecture


I have been the Bride of Dracula as well as a sparkling vampire from Twilight.These workshops have resulted in reading, writing, and research assignments. I have dressed as Jane Austen and Lady Capulet to introduce the literature of Austen and Shakespeare. I try to make every class an adventure.


Mary Mocsary at a Jane Austen EventMary Mocsary as Lady Capulet












I have presented over 500 workshops for students, faculty, and administrators in a variety of areas, such as literature, writing, grammar, critical thinking, and pop culture; taught high school students enrolled in various college English classes; taught ACT Preparation; and created games to engage students actively in their studies of the English language. One of my special interests is teaching the evolution of the vampire in history, literature, film, and pop culture.


MA, BA, Southeastern Louisiana University.