Rebecca Murry

Ravenclaw Crest from Harry Potter SeriesI received my Bachelor’s Degree in English from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2006. Then, after spending my life in the Albany/Springfield/Hammond area, I left for graduate school at New York University, which is located on the island of Manhattan. I returned to Louisiana (I missed the weather) after receiving my Master’s Degree in English Literature from NYU in 2008, and have been teaching English classes at Southeastern ever since.

Currently I teach English 101, 102, and 231 (Survey of British Literature) on a regular basis. My literary interests are folklore, science fiction, fantasy, British literature, and children/adolescent literature. I have also begun teaching an incredibly fun (but intellectually challenging) English 315: Special Topics class on the Harry Potter series.

My primary goal as a teacher (in addition to helping students become better writers) is to open my students’ minds and help them unlock their potential as writers and thinkers. After all, students are the future, and I don't want it to turn into an Orwellian one.

MA, New York University. BA, Southeastern Louisiana University.