Jayetta Slawson

Dr. Slawson, workshop, Ko Festival, Amherst College, July 2011

Photo: Jayetta Slawson as workshop participant, “From the Literary to the Dramatic,” led by Ghost Road Theatre of Los Angeles, at the Ko Festival, Amherst College, Massachusetts, July 2011.


I adopt contemporary performance theory as the lens for examining events and practices that shape social life, behaviors, and situations in the aesthetics of everyday life. My methods of research include fieldwork, interviews, and archival research; my training is interdisciplinary. I am particularly interested in modern and contemporary drama and in the stories of individuals depicted through oral histories, storytelling, and ethnographic texts. I currently hold the Distinguished Teaching Professorship in the Humanities at Southeastern, am on the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival in New Orleans, and am the former director of the Southeastern Writing Center.



PhD, New York University. MA, Arkansas State University. BA, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.


Selected Publications:
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Selected Other Professional Activities and Achievements:
2011 Participant, Advanced Teaching Institute, Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project, Hammond and New Orleans.


2010 Director, "Voodoo Vows," one-act original play, Tennessee Williams Literary Festival, New Orleans, LA.


2009 Presenter, Workshop/Master Class, “Scripting Performance through Narrative Writing,” by invitation of the Region VI/Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, Texas State University.


2009 Director, “Voodoo Vows,” Staged Reading at Region VI Developmental One-Act Play Festival, Texas State University.


2009 Writer/Installation Creation, “Hidden” for “Art and the Word” Fanfare Event, in collaboration with Edward Morin, Hammond, LA.


2007 Scriptwriting/Installation Creation/Performer, “Re: Actions Project, Team E, Theatre History Focus Group,” capstone performance presentation at the ATHE National Conference, July 2007, New Orleans, LA.


2006 Adaptor/Director/Producer, Faith's Affair, script adaptation of Louise Shivers' acclaimed novel, Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail, Women's History Month presentation, Vonnie Borden Theatre, Hammond, LA.