Faculty and Student Accomplishments

Latest Faculty Books

David Armand, Debt, 2018, published by Blue Horse Press. 

Anne Babson, Dolly Shot, 2018, published by Dancing Girl Press.

Jack Bedell, No Brother, This Storm, 2018, published by Mercer University Press.

Canese Jarboe, dark acre, 2018, published by Willow Springs Books

Alison Pelegrin, Our Lady of the Flood, 2018, published by Diode Editions 


Student Accomplishments


Aimee Harris, class of 2018, accepted an offer as a Technical Writer/Editor with the cybersecurity company, Rapid7. After training in Boston, Aimee both travels and works remotely from home. 

Isaiah Thomas, class of 2018, accepted an offer to law school from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

Sadey Pfister, class of fall 2017, accepted a 10th Grade English teaching position at Ponchatoula High.

Zachary Slawson, class of 2017, accepted a position as a Technician at the Neill Corporation in Hammond.