Admission Requirements and Criteria


Minimum Admission Requirements

*Please note that the admissions process is a two-step process. Once you apply to the University, you then apply to the Counseling Program.

To be considered for admission to the Counseling master's degree program,  an applicant must: 

  1. Initially satisfy all of Southeastern Louisiana University graduate admission requirements (Consult the Southeastern General Catalogue for admission requirements), submit an application for admission to the University and pay the application fee.

  2. Complete nine (9) hours of undergraduate or graduate study in behavioral sciences   (psychology, sociology, social work, etc.) and three (3) hours in statistics.

  3. Take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) PRIOR to submitting the application packet.  We will accept your self-reported scores, but official scores must be received prior to your admission to the program.

  4. Earn a combined Verbal and Quantitative* GRE score of at least 279 AND hold a 2.8 GPA (cumulative or last 60 hours). *The writing portion of the GRE will not be used towards calculating the combined score.

    If you completed the GRE before July 2011, you will need to convert your scores using the concordance table located on the GRE website.


    Verbal - 640 (test taken before July 2011) converts to 162
    Quantitative - 670 (test taken before July 2011) converts to 152

  5. Submit a completed application packet  by the specified due date, which includes the following:

  • A current resume including full name, address, phone numbers, e-mail address*, academic experiences, prior related work experiences, degrees held, honors, awards, special interests, and other appropriate information. (*Note:  The email address you provide on your resume will be used for all future correspondence. Please make certain that this email address is accurate and checked on a regular basis, otherwise you will miss important deadlines and information).

  • Three (3) reference forms from individuals familiar with the applicant's academic abilities and potential for success as a professional counselor.

  • An autobiographical narrative demonstrating evidence of life experiences and personal maturity indicating appropriateness for the counseling field.


The completed packet should be mailed to:

Department of Health and Human Sciences
Attention:  Graduate Counseling Coordinator
SLU Box 10863
Hammond, LA  70402


All other documentation (transcripts, inmmunization records, ect.) must be mailed to:

Southeastern Louisiana University
SLU Box 10752
Hammond, LA  70402


Upon evaluation of program applications, qualified applicants may be invited to participate in a mandatory one-day admissions interview. 


Program Application Admission Deadlines

The counseling program application packet due date for consideration for admission to the counseling program are as follows:

  • April 1* for BOTH the upcoming summer AND fall semester                                                   *(students can apply by April 1st and if admitted can elect to begin course in the fall)

  • June 30 for for the upcoming fall semester*                                                                            *Please note that for the June 2018 deadline if you are invited to the intervew, you will be required to attend a mandatory Admissions Interview Day on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

  • November 1 for the upcoming spring semester

All materials must be received by the Graduate Counseling Coordinator by these dates in order for the applicant to be considered for the admissions interview. Out-of-state, international, and transfer students, please see sections below.

Note:  If any of the deadlines happen to fall on a day that the university is closed, the application will be due on the next day the university is open.


Admission Notification

Admission to the counseling program and each program track is selective and requires a favorable evaluation by the Counseling Program Admissions Committee. Within two weeks after participation in the program admission interview, applicants will be notified that they are either accepted for admission or not accepted for admission.

Out-of-state and international applications

Because the admissions interviews are a required part of our admissions process, the Admissions Committee strongly recommends that out-of-state and international applicants submit their applications well in advance (i.e., at least 3-4 weeks) of the stated deadlines. This will allow the Admissions Committee to review the application, and if the applicant is selected for an interview, will allow for travel arrangements to be made. Individuals who do not submit applications in time to make travel arrangements may be asked to postpone their interview to the next semester.


Transfer Students

Transfer students must meet all admission requirements and follow the application procedures as outlined on the program's website (

After earning a minimum of twelve (12) hours of graduate credit at Southeastern, a student may appeal to the graduate coordinator or graduate faculty advisor for approval to apply for transfer credit from another university. That university must be an accredited institution that regularly grants the master's degree or an equivalent foreign institution. The student must be eligible for readmission to the institution from which credits are to be transferred and must have earned a minimum grade of "B" in each course to be transferred. No transfer credits may be used to remove a student from probation. No transfer credit may be earned for courses taken more than six years prior to the date of graduation. No more than one-third of the hours required for graduation may be transferred. The graduate coordinator or the graduate faculty advisor will recommend to the dean the courses to be transferred, and the dean will make the final determination as to whether any or all of the recommended courses will be accepted for transfer credit.

Upon approval, twelve non-clinical semester hours may be transferred into the program. Up to eighteen hours may be transferred from a CACREP accredited program upon approval.