Student Organization

Social Work Club

Southeastern's Social Work Club is an active student organization comprised of students from the social work program, as well as other programs across campus. The club is open to any and all Southeastern students! The social work club holds monthly meetings on campus and often invites guest speakers from local community programs and social service agencies. TheSanta club provides an excellent opportunity for students to meet, socialize and seek peer advice regarding student life. The social work club also provides many opportunities for student to become actively involved in the community.

Involvement in the social work club enables students to practice the individual helping skills they learn in classes and will later use as young professionals in the field of social work. Regular community outreach activities include: a Christmas celebration with Southeastern Head Start students, a Halloween party for the residents of a local nursing home, an Easter egg hunt with Southeastern Head Start preschoolers, in addition to numerous fundraisers to support community programs.

Contact Information:

Corie Hebert, Faculty Advisor
Phone: 985-549-2187