Ashley Bowers


Associate Professor

Ashley Bowers

Office: KHS 109 
Phone: 985-549-3844

Courses Taught

KIN 232 Introduction to Sport Management
KIN 276 Practicum in Sport Management
KIN 333 Governance in Sport
KIN 366 Facility & Event Management
KIN 332 Media Relations in Sport
KIN 410 Internship in Kinesiology
KIN 451 Sport Administration
KIN 693 Socio-Cultural Issues in Sport



Ph.D., 2007, Human Performance/Administration & Teaching
University of Southern Mississippi

M.S., 2002, Kinesiology
Louisiana State University

B.S., 1998, Education
Louisiana State University 


Sample Publications

Gibson, A. & Drane, D. (Spring, 2006). Gender, Age, and Race as Predictors of Sports- Viewing Behavior of Sport Management Undergraduates. The Sport Journal, 9(2).

Gibson-Bowers, A., Speed, N., Wolfe, B., Phillips, D., Krebs, G., & Bounds, W. (October, 29, 2009). "It's All We See" The Impact of Sport Media on Body image. Presented at the Sport Marketing Association Conference, Cleveland, Ohio.

Naquin, M., Gillan, W., Zannis, M., Gibson-Bowers, A., & Brewer, J. (October 29. 2009). Exercise, Stress, and dietary-related behaviors among school faculty and staff. Presented at the American School Health Association Conference, Denver, Colorado. 

Gillan, W., Naquin, M., Gibson-Bowers, A., (November 9, 2009). Dietary-relayed behavior correlates for faculty and staff in a health promotion setting. Presented at the American Public Health Association Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Martin, C., Gibon, A., Mathner, R., Miller, L., & Green, F. (June, 2009). An Exploratory Analysis on the Need for Standardized Exit Exams for Sport Management UNdergraduate Students. Presented at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference, Columbia, South Carolina.

Cunningham, T., Dollar, J., Gibson, A.,& Dickens, B., (June, 2009). Mitigating Risks in Athletics Through Service Learning. Presented at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference, Columbia, South Carolina.

Gibson, A. (April, 2009). The influence of sports magazines and thin-ideal images on the body image pf division 1A female athletes. Presented at the Troy University Sport Management Conference, Troy, Alabama.

Hall, S., Cunningham, T., Gibson, A., Cappabiance, L., (March 6, 2009). An Examination of British Sport Security Strategies, Legislation, and Risk Management Measure: Lessons Learned from the English Football League. Presented at the Sport, Physical Activity, Recreation and Law 22nd Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas.



Outstanding Doctoral Student (2007). The University of Southern Mississippi, School of Human Performance and Recreation.