Faculty Directory

    • Irma Donley, M.A.

    • University of New Orleans
    • Title: Instructor of Spanish and French
      Location: DVIC 246
      Phone: 985/549-5291
      Email: irma.donley@southeastern.edu
    • Areas of InterestColonialism in Mexico, Mexican Revolution, and Latin American Literature
    • Luz Escobar, D.D.S.

    • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
    • Title: Instructor of Spanish
      Location: DVIC 244
      Phone: 985/549-2266
      Email: luz.escobar@southeastern.edu
    • Areas of Interest: The Culture of Latino Countries, Education in South America, Sustainable Human Development
    • Francesco Fiumara, Ph.D.

    • Johns Hopkins University
    • Title: Associate Professor of Spanish and Italian & Erna Deiglmayr Endowed Professor in Foreign Languages (2018-2021)/ Host and executive producer of El rincón hispano (KSLU) and Caffè Italia (KSLU)
      Location: DVIC 248
      Phone: 985/549-5992
      Email: francesco.fiumara@southeastern.edu
    • Areas of Interest: Linguistic, Literary and Cultural relationships between Spain and Italy, the Italian experience in the United States, History and programming of Italian radio and television
    • Agnieszka Gutthy, Ph.D.

    • Temple University
    • Title: Professor of Spanish
      Location: DVIC 241
      Phone: 985/549-2880
      Email: agnieszka.gutthy@southeastern.edu
    • Areas of Interest: Comparative literature, European minority languages and cultures (Basque in Spain and Kashub in Poland), literature of exile
    • Lucia Harrison, Ph.D.

    • University of Kentucky
    • Title: Professor of Spanish and Italian/Department Head/Director of International Initiatives 
      Location: DVIC 219
      Phone: 985/549-2105
      Email: lucia.harrison@southeastern.edu
    • Areas of Interest: Medieval Spanish Literature, the literary influence between Italy and Spain during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the Italian-American community in Louisiana,  Second Language Acquisition 



    Benjamin Howland, Ph.D.

    Louisiana State University
    Title: Instructor of Latin
    Location: DVIC 250
    Phone: 985/549-2007
    Areas of InterestClassical Reception of Rome in the changing Atlantic World, Star Wars and Classical Reception, Ancient Slavery, and Women in Antiquity

    Jennifer Hammatt, M.A.

    Middlebury Language School Abroad
    Title: Lecturer of German
    Email: jennifer.hammatt@southeastern.edu
    Areas of Interest: Foreign Language Pedagogy

    Hua Kong, M.A.

    Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
    Title: Lecturer of Chinese
    Email: kong.hua@southeastern.edu
    Areas of Interest: International Advertisement
  •  Kunow

    Marianna Kunow, Ph.D.

    Tulane University
    Title: Instructor of Spanish and Mythology
    Location: DVIC 243
    Phone: 985/549-3994
    Email: marianna.kunow@southeastern.edu
    Areas of Interest: Mesoamerican Cultures, Ethnobotany, Oral History
    • Loren Foster-Lee, M.A.

    • University of New Orleans
    • Title: Lecturer of Spanish/ Spanish Dual Enrollment Instructor of Record
      Location: DVIC 250
      Phone: 985/549-2007
      Email: loren.lee@southeastern.edu
    • Areas of Interest: Foreign Language Education, Geographical Linguistics, English as a Second Language, Hispanic History


    • Aileen Mootoo-Robertson, M.A.

    • University of Maryland-College Park
    • Title: Instructor of French/ French Language and Culture Study Abroad Coordinator/ French Club Advisor
      Location: DVIC 237
      Phone: 985/549-3746
      Email: aileen.mootoo-robertson@southeastern.edu
    • Areas of Interest: French Language, Francophone West Indies and African Cultures, Foreign Language Acquisition


    • Maritza Nemoga-Shelton, M.A., M.Ed

    • Louisiana State University
    • Title: Instructor of Spanish/ Spanish Dual Enrollment Instructor of Record
      Location: DVIC 251
      Phone: 985/549-2042
      Email: maritza.nemoga@southeastern.edu
    • Areas of Interest: Second Language Acquisition, Hispanic Linguistics, Phonetics, Sociolinguistics
    • Jerry Parker, Ed.D.

    • Southeastern Louisiana University
    • Title: Instructor of French and Spanish/ Undergraduate Program Coordinator/ Director of Foreign Language Resource Center/ Student Ambassador Program Advisor
      Location: DVIC 252
      Phone: 985/549-5293
      Email: jerry.parker@southeastern.edu
    • Areas of Interest: Curriculum Leadership, Instructional Leadership, Foreign Language Education, Multicultural Education, French and Spanish Caribbean Studies, Louisiana Studies

    Rodrigo Pereyra, Ph.D.

    Texas Tech University- Lubbock
    Title: Assistant Professor of Spanish/ Spanish Club Advisor
    Location: DVIC 242
    Phone: 985/549-5292
    Areas of InterestTranslation and Interpretion, Medical Spanish, Spanish for Heritage Language Speakers, Latinamerican Contemporary Literature

    Danielle Perez de Corcho, M.A.

    Tulane University
    Title:Instructor and Director of English as a Second Language Program
    Location: DVIC 249
    Phone: 985/549-2270
    Areas of Interest: Second Language Acquisition and TESOL, Minority Language Preservation, Language Access Policies, Bilingual Education, Latin American Studies 
    • Mariela Sanchez, M.S.

    • Cornell University
    • Title: Instructor of Spanish/ Spanish Language and Culture Study Abroad Coordinator
      Location: DVIC 240
      Phone: 985/549-3126
      Email: mariela.sanchez@southeastern.edu
    • Areas of Interest: