Master of Organizational Communication

Master of Organizational Communication

Joe Burns Graduate Coordinator


Welcome to the Master of Organizational Communication website.

I'm Dr. Joe Burns, the Graduate Coordinator of the program. Thank you for stopping by the site. Here's a quick overview of what the program is all about...


After almost two years of preparation, the Masters of Organizational Communication welcomed its first students in the spring of 2002. The degree set out to educate people regarding how we communicate within organizations, how people plan and problem solve. What's more, the program incorporated the study of law and technology building upon the tech boom that was just getting underway.


The Masters in Organizational Communication also included the study of communication theory and research methods so graduates would know how to gather and look at data to implement findings.


Over the decade that the degree has been in place, the faculty have worked hard to keep the classes up to date and the technology on the cutting edge. The Master of Organizational Communication is a robust, strong degree that is appealing not only to students but to employers as well; businesses, schools, hospitals, and non-profit organizations to name a few.


The mission of Southeastern Louisiana University's Communication Master's unit is to provide graduate students with the knowledge and skills to perform critical and analytical communication functions within a diverse marketplace or in further
graduate studies, thus enhancing the educational, economic and cultural aspects of
southeast Louisiana and beyond.

Graduate Student at Graduation 

As a graduate of the program you will be able to design, analyze, and evaluate strategies intended to facilitate the flow of information within and between organizations, and between organizations and the public.

The Master of Organizational Communication is a non-thesis degree, requiring a total of 36 semester hours of graduate credit and can usually be completed in two to three years.


If I've piqued your interest, contact me at 985.549.3694 or by email at If you're ready to apply, learn our requirements for admission and set up a meeting with me. We need to talk.


Dr. Joe Burns
Graduate Coordinator


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