Admission to the Program


In order to be considered for the Masters in Organizational Communication program, students must meet the following qualifications: 

Students must first meet all university admission requirements. They include:

  • Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.

  • Have a 2.5 undergraduate GPA on all coursework attempted, or have a 2.75 undergraduate GPA on the last 60 hours of coursework.

  • Achieve an acceptable GRE/GMAT score.*

  • Be approved for admission by the graduate coordinator/director of the individual degree program.


*The department will accept GRE test scores taken in the last seven years.  If the student has scores older than seven years, he or she must take the GRE test again.


For Regular (Non-Provisional) Admittance 

Students must then meet the requirements of the Masters of Organizational Communication.  They Include:

  • Possess a cumulative GPA of not less than 2.5 in attaining a Bachelor's degree.

  • Take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) and attain the following minimum scores:

            a. At least 148 (55th percentile) on the Verbal portion
            b. At least 3.5 on the Written portion

                  Note: These are minimum requirements and are firm. (GRE information)

  • International students may be asked to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). When required, a minimum TOEFL score of 525 or a minimum internet-based TOEFL score of 75 must be attained.  Practice TOEFL tests can be taken in our on-campus ELL lab or online here.

  • Applicants will also participate in an advising meeting with the Graduate Coordinator in person if at all possible or by telephone or SKYPE.

  • Students should know that dropping courses due to poor grades is not an acceptable practice in this degree.

  • Please Note: Starting in the Spring of 2015, the Organizational Communication Degree will have a new policy on C and lower grades for regular admit students.  That policy is that regular admit students will be allowed one C grade in the program.  The second will mean dismissal from the program.  If a regular admit student receives a D or F grade then the student must retake the class and any future C, D or F grade means dismissal from the program.


For Provisional Admittance

Students must meet the university requirements noted above and the following:

  • Take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) and attain the following scores:

           a. A score of between 140 and 147 on the Verbal portion

           b. A score of 2.5 or 3.0 on the Written portion (GRE information)

  • A student who enters the program on a provisional basis may NOT receive a grade below a B in his or her first 18 hours (6 classes) or the student will be dismissed from the program. Furthermore, 12 of a provisional student's first 18 hours must be at the 600 level.  If the student receives at least a B grade in each class through his or her first 18 hours, that student will be given non-provisional, regular, status.
    Please note: If the 18 hours of at least B-level work is completed during a semester in which the student receives multiple grades, including a C, the C grade will count toward the 18 hours. 

  • Provisional students may not transfer any classes at any time during their degree program, even after they are granted regular student status.

  • Please Note: Provisional admittance is not available to international students.

  • Applicants will also participate in an advising meeting with the Graduate Coordinator in person if at all possible or by telephone or SKYPE.

  • Students should know that dropping courses due to poor grades is not an acceptable practice in this degree.


All applicants/applications are subject to approval by the Graduate Coordinator, the department head, and/or the graduate faculty.


Questions about the GRE?  See our GRE Question and Answer Page


The Application Deadlines and Fees Are As Follows


$20 fee if application is in by December 1.

$70 fee if application is in between December 2 through 15.


$20 fee if application is in by July 15.

$70 fee if application is in between July 16 through August 1.


$20 fee if application is in by May 1.

$70 fee if application is in between May 2 through June 1st.


Note:  Not making the late deadlines does not mean your application will not be accepted. It simply means a slower processing time as the Office of Records and Registration will be working on other issues but all application will be processed.

If you wish to apply:  Follow this link.


How Much Will it Cost?

This question is difficult to answer because it depends on how many classes you take during each semester and what the fee sturucture is from semester to semester because it does change regularly.  The best answer I can offer is this link to the Controller's Office Tuition and Fee Information Page.  


That page has the most up to date information on costs and fees and will give you at least an idea of what you'll pay.  Know that if you receive a Graduate Assistant position, your tuition will be waved.



Other Helpful Links

This is the GRE Website that will help you to register, prepare and find a location to take the Graduate Records Exam.


Southeastern's Graduate Programs Website is quite helpful. All pages are helpful but make a point of visiting Financial Aid and specifically the Admission page.


If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact the Master of Organizational Communication Graduate Coordinator Dr. Joe Burns at (985) 549-3694 or by e-mail at  His office is room 227 (inside 226) in D Vickers Hall.


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