Foreign Language Festival

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 The 37th Annual Foreign Festival 
Friday, April 5, 2019


Bienvenue, Bienvenidos


The Department of Languages and Communication would like to welcome you to the annual Foreign Language Festival! 

Each spring, students from all over the state of Louisiana have the opportunity to compete in extemporaneous speaking, prose, poetry, music, theatre, and native speaker translation in both French and Spanish.  We expect to open all of the categories for the competition based on the number of participants. 

Our goal is to give high school students the opportunity to use foreign languages in a creative and public way, and to socialize with other students and teachers who are equally excited about language learning. 

We look forward to your participation! For more details on the competitions, please email the coordinators. Registration packet will be avaliable soon!

** NEW! For the upcoming festival, there will be the addition of a Latin Translation category
 2018 Foreign Language Festival Winners
Spanish Prose                                                              French Prose
Level one:                                                                     Level one:
1. Tamyra Otkins Northlake Christian                           1. Isaiah Voisin- De La Salle
2. Niya Decuir- Parkview Baptist                                   2. Shawn Doyle- Christ Episcopal
3. Rachel Stone- Mount Carmel                                   3. May Yuratich- Cabrini
Level two:                                                                     Level two:
1. Maicey Rooney- Northlake Christian                        1. Samantha Ricciardo- Mount Carmel
2. Camden Cantrell- St. Paul's                                     2. Madison Lingo- Pope John Paul II
3. Megan Murphey- Parkview Baptist                           3. Julia Smith- De La Salle
Level three:                                                                  Level three:
1. Katherine Heller- Cabrini                                          1.Mark Tonglet- Pope John Paul II
2. Claudia Spring- Mount Carmel                                 2. Jessica Duplantis- Mount Carmel
3. Emily Lissarrague- De La Salle                               
Level four:                                                                    Level four:
1. Alexandra Coughlin- Christ Episcopal                      Alyssa Trahan- Mount Carmel
2. Callie McDaniel- Cabrini
3. Daniel Pinzon- De La Salle
Native Speaker:
1. Amalia Lopez- De La Salle
2. Gabrielle Alleman- Northlake Chrisitan
Spanish Poetry                                                             French Poetry
Level One:                                                                    Level One:
1. Grace Swan- Northlake Chrisitan                             1. Julia Belou- Mount Carmel
2. Victoria Mire- Mount Carmel                                     2. Ceren Satik- Christ Episcopal  
3. Alisha Patterson- Belle Chasse                                3.Thien-y Nguyen- Pope John Paul II 
Level two:                                                                    Level two: 
1. Mia Sernich- Archbishop Hannan                            1. Jack Schott- Pope John Paul II
2. Nick Day- Parkview Baptist                                      2. Caroline Beach- St. Scholastica
3. Rhett Barker- St. Paul's                                           3. Camryn Hoolahan- Mount Carmel
Level three:                                                                 Level three:
1. Ethan Leggio- Archbishop Hannan                         1. Arianna Slupik- Pope John Paul II
2. Donald Smith- St. Paul's                                         2. Caroline Barbier- Mount Carmel
3. Victoria Duke- Cabrini                                             3. Natalie Morris- De La Salle
Level four:                                                                  Level four: 
1. Katherine Werner- Christ Episcopal                       1. Alyssa Fortier- Mount Carmel
2. Jianna Collins- Cabrini                                           2. Olivia Csaki- Pope John Paul
3. Hailey Tant- Mount Carmel                                  
Native Speaker:
1. Stephanie Mendoza- Belle Chasse
2. Catalina Colon- Christ Episcopal
3. Christina Maria Ryan- Fountainbleu
Spanish Extemporanoeus Speaking                French Extemporanoeus Speaking
Level one:                                                                     Level one: 
1. Brooke Whelan- Mount Carmel                                1. Mary Louise Le Mieux- Christ Episcopal
2. Briggs Cooper- St Paul's                                          2. Stella Daley- Cabrini
3. Victoria Duhe- St. Mary's Dominican                        3. Mia Macaluso- Mount Carmel
Level two:                                                                    Level two:
1. Cassidy Chappuis- Mount Carmel                           1. Adrien Goudall- De La Salle
2. Kathryn Broussard- Northlake Christian                  2. Emily Reeks- Mount Carmel
3. Madison Quinlan- Christ Episcopal                         3. Abigail Hartline- Pope John Paul
Level three:                                                                 Level three:
1. Theresa Falgoust- Mount Carmel                            1.Thalia Koutsougeras- Mount Carmel
2. Cooper Brenan- St. Paul's                                       2. Tia Thibodeaux- Cabrini
3. Kaceu Guichard- De La Salle
Level four:                                                                    Level four:
1. Amanda Santos- Cabrini                                          1. Sydney Smith
2. Benjamin Sterling- Christ Episcopal
3. Maddy Pye- St. Scholastica
Native Speaker:
1. Emily Williamson- Cabrini
2. Joshua Diaz- St. Paul's
3. Diego Davie- Christ Episcopal
Spanish Theatre:                                                        FrenchTheatre:
1. Mount Carmel                                                         1. Mount Carmel
2. Christ Episcopal                                                      2. Pope John Paul
3. Northlake Christian                                                 3. Christ Episcopal
Spanish Music:                                                            French Music:
1. Christ Episcopal                                                      1. St. Scholastica
2. St. Paul's                                                                 2. Pope John Paul II
3. St. Mary's Dominican                                               3. Mount Carmel
Spanish Translation                                                     French Translation:
1. Sofia Barros Casanova- St. Mary's Dominican        1. Lena Erickson
2. Victoria Stephens- Mount Carmel                            2. Eloise Erickson
3. Sofia Karle- Mount Carmel
Best Overall School:
French:Mount Carmel Academy
Spanish: Mount Carmel Academy
Best Overall Student:
Spanish: Amanda Santos de Oliviera, Cabrini

For more information about the festival, contact

Aileen Mootoo, Campus Activities Coordinator
DVIC 237
Tel: 985-549-3746
Jerry Parker, Registration Coordinator          
DVIC 247                                                       
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