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The mission of Southeastern's Department of Mathematics is to prepare mathematically literate students for successful careers in business, industry, government and education or for future study in graduate school through relevant courses in general education, mathematics education, and mathematics.

Welcome from the Department Head

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Southeastern Louisiana University.  We are one of the four academic departments housed in the College of Science & Technology.  The Department of Mathematics is located in Fayard Hall on the eastern edge of Southeastern's main campus.  Our forty-five faculty primarily focus upon classroom innovation, research activities leading to publications in international scholarly journals, research experiences for undergraduate students, outreach to regional public schools, and grant initiatives.

Our educational goals focus upon undergraduate mathematics education.  Since mathematics forms an integral portion of the core general education requirements of every degree program at Southeastern, the Department is committed to providing quality mathematics instruction to all our students.  For more advanced students who choose to major or minor within the College of Science & Technology, our overall educational objective is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and problem-solving skills that will prepare them to succeed in either graduate school or in a variety of careers in business, industry, government, or teaching.  This includes students majoring in mathematics, mathematics education, physics, computer science, or chemistry.

The Department of Mathematics at Southeastern offers two undergraduate degree programs, the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education.  Recent graduates of our Mathematics program have accepted jobs in such fields as the banking and insurance industries, as well as computer-related positions. Many graduates pursue advanced degrees in mathematics, physics, computer science, and engineering, and in various medical fields .  We also offer numerous research opportunities for undergraduate students.  Offered in conjunction with the College of Education and Human Development, the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education prepares students to be effective and highly qualified teachers of high school mathematics.

Additionally the Mathematics Department participates in an interdisciplinary Master of Science degree in Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT). Graduates of the program are prepared to take leadership roles in industry.  Those students completing the new "Mathematics Specialist Track" are prepared for advanced study, teaching in the community college system, or work in industry.


Timothy D. Hudson
Professor & Department Head
Department of Mathematics


Fayard Hall