Dr.André Honorée

Dr. André L. HonoréeDegrees:

Ph.D.,  University of Mississippi – Management (1999)

M.B.A.,  Louisiana State University – Concentration in International Business (1991)

B.A., Southeastern Louisiana University – Management (1989)


Brief Bio:

After having taught for over a dozen years at three other institutions, Dr. Honorée joined the Management faculty at Southeastern in 2004.  Since his arrival he has taught a variety of MBA, EMBA and undergraduate courses including Business Strategy, Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurship, and the Principles of Management.  

He is the college’s Director of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program and an associate professor of management.


Joyce Junghans Endowed Professorship in Management


Selected Publications:

Terpstra, D. E., Honoree, A. L., & Friedl, J. (2013).  The Influence of the Gender and Race of the Judge and the Type of Discrimination Charge on Court Case Outcomes.  International Journal of Law and Management, 55 (4), 318-328.  

Honoree, A. L., Terpstra, D., & Friedl, J. (2010).  US Employment Discrimination Cases: Does Race/Gender Matter?   Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, 29 (8), 787-798.  

Terpstra, D. & Honoree, A. L. (2009).  Merit pay plans in higher education institutions: Characteristics and effects.   Public Personnel Management, 38 (4), 1-23.  

Terpstra, D. E. & Honoree, A. L. (2008).  Faculty perceptions of problems with merit pay plans in institutions of higher education.   Journal of Business and Management, 14 (1), 43-60.  
Honoree, A. L., Wyld, D., & Juban, R. (2006).  Regular Rate of Pay and the FLSA: Why the Determination of Exempt Status is Not Enough.   Managerial Law, 48 (3), 334-340.