Dr. Rusty Juban

Dr. Rusty Juban


Ph.D.   University of Texas at Arlington, Management (Marketing minor)

M.B.A.   Southeastern Louisiana University

B.A.   Southeastern Louisiana University, Psychology



An associate professor at Southeastern Louisiana University in the management program, my duties include course development for undergraduate and graduate courses in the area of Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management and Organizational Behavior. I am an active researcher in the areas of management education, human resource management and organizational behavior, having submitted papers to a number of journals and academic meetings. In an effort to provide students with the skills they need to meet today's business demands, I am committed to new teaching methodologies that challenge students to take their education beyond the traditional classroom, this includes distance learning and experiential courses. For the last ten years I have been a coordinator for our College’s study abroad programs, including Costa Rica and most recently China. I currently serve as the Department of Management’s internship coordinator.


Outside of academics, I have been active in management consulting and training for nonprofit, profit and government agencies including: the American Institute of Certified Public Accounting (AICPA), the United States Department of Agriculture Graduate School, General Motors, Lucent Technologies, Vought Aircraft, Northrop Grumman, and others.


Selected Publications:

Budden, M. C., Juban, R. L., & Aristedes, B. (2014).  Study Abroad: Making Safety a Priority.   Contemporary Issues in Education Research, 7 (2), 1-4.  

Juban, R. L. & Lopez, T. (2013).  An Exploration of Textbook Reading Behaviors.   Journal of Education for Business..  

Honoree, A. A. & Juban, R. L. (2007).  Regular rate of pay and the FLSA: Why the determination of exempt status is not enough.   Managerial Law, 48 (3), 334-340.