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SHRM Chapter History

Our Chapter History

The 2013-2014 SHRM student chapter season is currently in session and will end with the spring semester. Contact us or feel free to join us in one of our meetings as we would love to have you and will be attempting to achieve the Top Ten Chapter in the Nation award. 


The 2012-2013 academic year was another good one for Southeastern's SHRM student chapter. We hosted several monthly meeting with HR professionals as our guest speakers. Most of our members made the successful volunteer trip to the 2013 LASHRM Conference in Baton Rouge. Our organization worked hard to receive the Superior SHRM Merit Award. The 2012-2013 Chapter Officers were: Kelly Wittmann (President), Anitra Williams (Vice President), Brittany Needham (Merit Chair), Stacie Clelland (Treasurer), and Emily St. Andre (Secretary).


Another great year for SHRM.  In the 2011-2012 merit year, we received the Superior Merit Award and were also Runner-Ups for the Outstanding Student Chapter Award.  The monthly meetings were very interesting and informative with such great speakers.  Our chapter hosted a successful mixer for HR professionals and our students.  in the spring, many of our members volunteered at the LASHRM State Conference in New Orleans.  Chapter Officers were: Wayne Crawford (President), Heather Miletello (Vice President), Derek Haigler (Merit Chair), Courtney Evans (Treasurer), and Kelly Wittmann (Secretary).


The 2010-2011 year ended successfully with another Superior Merit Award and a very successful professional/student night mixer and state conference. Our students made a very impressive presence at the LASHRM State Conference on Human Resources. We look to do an even better job this year and be THE SHRM student chapter of Louisiana. Chapter Officers were: Wayne Crawford (President), Heather Miletello (Vice President), Derek Haigler (Merit Chair), Kenan Mayeux (Treasurer).


In the 2009-2010 merit year our chapter received it's seventh superior merit award. Prominent events for the year included the chapter's first ever night mixer with professionals, and speakers at almost every meeting. Officers were: President Julie Territo, Vice Presidents Stephen Leitz (2009) andJasmin Cheatham (2010), Treasurers Ernest Stephens (2009)and Jared kattengell (2010), Secretary Kaila Dotson, and Public Relations Coordinators Jill Boudreaux (2009) and Maria Bucalan (2010)


In the 2008-2009 Merit year our chapter received merit recognition. Officers were Presidents Wiletha Brown and Melica Owens, Vice Presidents Brian Waterwall and Don Pendas, and Treasurer Julie Territo.


In the 2007-2008 Merit year our chapter received its sixth superior merit award and also was recognized as one of the Top Ten chpaters across the nation. Chapter officers were President Victoria Kinchen, Vice President Josh Sabye, Treasurer Heather Hartmann, Public Relations Coordinator Brad Kramer, Membership Officr Wiletha Brown, and Merit Award Chair Brian Waterwall.


In the 2006-2007 Merit year, SHRM at Southeastern Louisiana University received its fifth superior Merit Award. Chapter officers during this year were: Victoria Kinchen, President; Josha Saybe, Vice President; Brian Waterwall, Secretary/Meriot Chair; Dustin Merrill, Treasurer; and Christopher Garrett, Membership Chair.


In the 2005-2006 merit year, SHRM at Southeastern Louisiana University received its fourth superior Merit Award. Chapter officers during this year were: Erik Norman, President; Jane Dufrene, Vice President; Kristie Glissman, Secretary; Michelle McClendon, Treasurer; Lee Navarre, Public Relations Coordinator; and Jacob Roeling, Social Chair.


In the 2004-2005 merit year, SHRM at Southeastern Louisiana University received its third superior Merit Award and was recognized as a top ten student chapter for the second straight year. Chapter officers during this year were Rachel Beard, President; Erik Norman, Vice President; Susan McLin, Secretary; Megan Early, Treasurer; Chad Solieau, Public Relations; and Lindsay Reine, Social Chair.


In the 2003-2004 merit year, SHRM at Southeastern Louisiana University surpassed all expectations by not only receiving a second Superior Merit Award, but also by being recognized as one of the Top Ten student chapters in the nation! Chapter officers during this remarkable year were Chad Murray and Michelle Audrict, President; Erik Norman and Devin Green, vice President; Rachel Beard, Secretary/Treasurer; Jennifer Mire and Kim Hatcher, Public Relations; and Lindsay Reine, Social Chair.


SHRM at Southeastern Louisiana University's charter ceremony was held on April 26, 2001 in the University Center at Southeastern Louisiana University. The fifteen charter members included Katherine Ahloy, Karen Angle, Alicia Beauchamp, Erin Chapman, Vanessa Chauviere, Ryan Clay, Brad Coburn, Antonio Conerly, Jennifer Cool, Joe Eubanks, Jennifer Giangrosso, Justin Kennedy, Lydia Laborde, Lakietha Magee, and Harriet Pope.


Charter officers were Brad Coburn, President; Harriet Pope, Vice President; Vanessa Chauviere, Secretary; Karen angle, Treasurer; and Antonio Conerly, Publicity. Rene' Johnson of Gils bar, Inc. and past president of NRHRA was the keynote speaker. In its first year, the SHRM at Southeastern Louisiana University grew and prospered. It became the fastest growing student chapter in the state and in the top fourteen percent nationally in membership growth. In the following year, it earned its first Superior Merit Award. In addition, the chapter received a citation from the national SHRM organization for outstanding membership growth for 230%.


Special thanks to Dr. Carl Phillips, founding chapter advisor; Dr. Randy Settoon, Dean, Southeastern Louisiana University; and Dr. Mike Budden, former Dean, Southeastern Louisiana University College of Business, for their support in helping establish our chapter.