Bachelor of Arts in Management


Choose from four concentrations: General Management, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, or International Management


Prerequisites for Management Courses


Concentration in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 

The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management concentration prepares students to start and manage their own business. Students are instructed in functional areas of accounting, finance, management and marketing as related to a small and growing venture. The concentration emphasizes leadership skills that can be effectively used to motivate people in a business environment, particularly as related to starting and nurturing a new business, and the process of writing a business plan. Employment opportunities for individuals who pursue entrepreneurial and small business management course work include business start-up, buying a franchise, working for a business, civic, or university group involved in economic development, as well as seeking employment in existing businesses. 

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Curriculum Sheets - pdf

Concentration International Management

Students will acquire a basic knowledge and understanding of international management in the areas of international trade, cross-cultural communication, and methods of doing business internationally. The Computer Information Management concentration was replaced by the International Concentration in the 2009-2010 catalogue year. 

Computer Information Management Curriculum Sheets - pdf

International Management Curriculum Sheets - pdf

Concentration in Human Resource Management 

All organizations experience the need to manage human resources effectively. Those organizations that effectively deal with human resources issues and challenges are likely to outperform those that do not. Additionally, the increased number and complexity of legal issues and governmental regulations relative to the human resource function have served to dramatically increase both the size and importance of many organizations' human resource departments. The Human Resource Management concentration provides specialized training for students who are interested in pursuing careers in personnel management. Specifically, it provides basic preparation for entry-level positions in human resource management, along with an education background that prepares students for human resource manager certification and career advancement in the field. 

Human Resource Management Curriculum Sheets - pdf

Concentration in General Management 

The General Management concentration is the most generalized concentration within the department and is most appropriate for students desiring a broad overview of the management discipline. The general Management concentration prepares students to work as supervisors, executives, or administrators in business, government, or other organizations. 

General Management Curriculum Sheets - pdf