Department Committees

2013-2014 Committees

Assessment Committee
  • Develops an assessment program for each discipline in the department.

  • Identifies and makes recommendations regarding policies regarding course administration (e.g., attendance, make-up exams, etc.).

  • Members include Dr. Tara' Lopez (Chair), Dr. Minh Huynh, Dr. Teri Root, and Dr. Avinash Waikar 

Curriculum Committee
  • Reviews curriculum and makes recommendations regarding course prerequisites, adding/dropping courses, course descriptions, etc.

  • Coordinates activities with the department's Planning and Assessment Committee to ensure degree program objectives and course offerings are consistent with the department's assessment program.

  • Members include Dr. Barbara Schuldt (Chair), Dr. Rachelle Cope, Dr. Robert Cope, and Dr. Susan Zee.


Planning Committee
  • Develops an annual action plan for the department.

  • Reviews/updates the department's mission.

  • Reviews/updates the department's degree objectives.

  • Members include Dr. Abul Jamal (Chair), Mr. David Faucheux, and Dr. John Woosley.


Scholarship Committee
  • Communicates information regarding departmental scholarships to students.

  • Administers the application and evaluation process of the applicants.

  • Members include Dr. Michael Budden (Chair), Ms. Yvette Baldwin, Dr. Mike Jones, and Ms. Jennifer Henderson 

Tenure and Promotion Committee

An ad hoc committee formed depending on the circumstances involved. Due to the two disciplines that exist in the department, this committee will be formed by all higher ranked faculty than the candidate within the department, with the most senior member in the discipline seated as the chair.

 For more information regarding committees, please contact the chairperson of the committee of interest.