Fall 2014 Information

Ensembles, Lockers, and Freshman Theory


Theory Placement Examination

  • Beginning Fall 2014 all incoming freshman will be required to take a placement examination in Music Theory (MUS 111)
  • This exam will occur the first day of class, August 20 at the normal time and location of MUS 111.
  • The exam will determine the student's placement in MUS 111 or MUS 130 Fundamentals of Music Theory.
  • Theory Study Guide


Ensemble Audition Information


  • Choir
    • Monday, August 18 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Music Annex 165
    • Please sign up for an audition time before August 18 on Dr. Rowe's door (Music Annex 165)
    • Students need to prepare one song from memory
    • Bring sheet music, hole punched and in a binder for the pianist
    • Sight-reading and aural skills will also be tested at this time'
    • Contact Dr. Alissa Rowe for more information


  • Jazz Ensemble
    • Monday, August 18
    • More information coming soon
    • Contact Paul Frechou for more information


  • Opera/Musical Theatre
    • Coming Soon



  • Orchestra Winds



Locker Information

  • Coming Soon