Arisia Gilmore


Lecturer of Horn


Pottle 112


Arisia Gilmore was born and raised in Colorado, at the foot of Arisia Gilmorethe Rocky Mountains. She received her Bachelors in Music Performance from The University of Northern Colorado where she studied with Jack Herrick and Marian Hesse. After getting her degree Arisia moved to London, England for six months. She went to the symphony a lot, and played with the Morley College Orchestra and took lessons with Hugh Seenan. After coming back to the United States it was time to go back to school. She received her Masters in Music Performance from DePaul University, in Chicago where she studied with Oto Carrillo and Jon Boen.


Arisia stayed in Chicago where she played with the Gargoyle Brass Quintet, the New Millennium Orchestra, and Skokie Valley Symphony. She was also an active member of the Chicago chapter of Classical Revolution with whom she played in bars, at art shows, and local schools.


In 2011 Arisia moved to Baton Rouge for two reasons. 1) To study with Seth Orgel and start her Doctorate of Musical Arts degree at Louisiana State University, and 2) To get to wear shorts in February. She holds the Third Horn position with the Acadiana Symphony and the Assistant Principle Horn position with the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra. She has really enjoyed living in Louisiana, and is very happy to wear shorts all year round.