Event Scheduling Procedure

Event Scheduling Procedure

Spring 2014 Recitals Priority Scheduling

  • Faculty & Graduate Recitals:  October 7 - 11
  • All Senior Recitals:  October 14 - 18
  • All Junior Recitals:  October 21 - 25


If you plan to play a recital next semester, please take advantage of your priority time block.


How to Schedule a Recital:

  1. Choose an available date from the calendar below.
  2. Confirm this date with your instructor and everyone performing with you.
  3. EMAIL your recital request to: Amanda.Klipsch@selu.edu
  4. Check your email for approval or disapproval of your request.


Full Event Scheduling Policy



See the calendar below for the Music Program's schedule of events and rehearsals.

    Pottle Hall  Pottle Auditorium events

    Recital Hall  Recital Hall events

    Borden Theatre  Vonnie Borden Theatre events

    Columbia Theatre  Columbia Theatre events

    Rehearsals etc  Rehearsals, hearings, anything without an audience



To navigate through the calendar:

  • The blue left and right arrows will change through month by month
  • The Month is a drop down menu
  • You can also view the calendar as a week or an agenda by selecting the proper tab on the right