Event Scheduling Policy


Concerts/Events which must be scheduled prior to the scheduling of Faculty & Student recitals, and with which student/faculty concerts may not conflict:

  • Operas/Musicals
  • Honor Bands
  • Jazz Bands
  • Bill Evans Jazz Festival
  • Fanfare events
  • Wind Symphony
  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Choir Concerts
  • Guitar Festival
  • Dance Concerts (exceptions made based on availability of staff and venue)
  • Louisiana College Theatre Festival (exceptions made based on availability of staff)


Primary scheduling of concerts in the Ralph R. Pottle Music Auditorium and the Music Building Annex Recital Hall will begin in the second week of classes at the start of each semester. Scheduling will be completed one semester in advance (excluding summer sessions). Scheduling for the Fall semester will take place in the previous Spring, and scheduling for the Spring will take place in the previous Fall.


The priority is as follows:

  • 2nd Week of classes: Faculty and Graduate Students
  • 3rd Week of classes: BM Seniors
  • 4th Week of classes: BME Seniors and all Juniors


At Mid-term the calendar will be opened to scheduling of events by groups and individuals from outside the Department of Fine and Performing Arts. Use will be determined according to the Priority Schedule for use of the theatres and by availability of venue and staff. ALL Scheduling requests MUST be made no less than 30 days in advance of the suggested date.


To Schedule/Change/Cancel your concert:

  1. Choose an available date from the calendar below.
  2. Confirm this date with your instructor and accompanist.
  3. Email your requests to Amanda Klipsch


***Please note: You must fill out a Recital Request form to change or cancel a recital***


Dates/Time Slots:

  • Faculty, Graduate Students, and BM Seniors may choose from available dates Monday-Friday at 7:30pm.
  • BME Seniors and Juniors may choose from available dates Monday-Friday starting at 5:00pm. According to the length of the recital additional time slots will be offered in the same evening with the last concert ending no later than 6:45pm.


Concert Length

The Student handbook for the Department of Fine and Performing Arts requires that

  • Junior, Senior BME perform at least 25 minutes
  • Senior BM, Graduate perform at least 50 minutes



  • Intermission is optional for Senior BMs, Graduate students, and Juniors whose concerts meet or exceed 50 minutes. Intermission may not exceed 10 minutes.
  • 30-45 minute concerts may not include an intermission.
  • Junior joint recitals will be allotted 60 minutes without an intermission.



  • Concerts may not be scheduled simultaneously in Ralph R. Pottle Music Auditorium and the Music Building Annex Recital Hall. Concerts may not conflict with major Southeastern ensembles performing at local off-campus venues including the Columbia Theatre.
  • Students are free to schedule recitals in off campus venues (area churches, e.g.), and they are free to use accompanists other than the Southeastern music department staff accompanists.
  • It is in the student's best interest to pass their recital hearing as additional dates in the same semester may not be available. If dates are not readily available, the student may be required to postpone their concert until the following semester. Exceptions will be made on an individual basis for Seniors and Graduate students in their last semester of studies.
  • Scheduling of concerts during finals week is reserved as a "last resort" for Seniors and Graduate students needing to graduate that semester, and only when no other dates are available.
  • Juniors are strongly encouraged to pair up for joint recitals.
  • Sophomores and Freshmen wishing to perform should do so at Recital Hour or at an off campus venue.